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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Let's quote famous people! #3

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:11 AM
Okay, so it's Kris Straub again:
"Everyone should pay tribute to the grandfather of sci-fi webcomics, Melonpool. It's its tenth anniversary. Great comics never die, they just stop updating."
It should be noted that Melonpool updated on Friday, for the first time since before last Christmas. Thanks, Steve! The question now is, are you keeping it up, or was this a one-time thing, making sure the content stays fresh at least twice a year? Just curious.

And before I receive any threatening emails, it should also be noted that I'm not mocking Steve with that comment about updating. In case you aren't aware, Steve's been working on a project with greater importance lately, and I'm perfectly fine with that. As is he. As you should be. Wii, wii, wii.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Those Blank Label guys are harsh

Posted by Nathaniel at 3:14 PM
You're telling me that we have to wait until Monday to see what happens next in both of these strips?

Cruel. That's just cruel.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Slight Media Blackout

Posted by Nathaniel at 7:15 PM
For the next few days, posts to the Evil Network may be a tad bit nonexistent. The fact of the matter is that I have a huge work project (of which I am the project manager) set to complete here over the next week. Due to this, any and all time available to me at the moment is becoming more scarce than usual. The project will be officially completing about this time next week, and I expect that regular posting should then resume shortly after.

Unless, of course, the project fails. At that point, I will be forced to remain in Mexico--potentially forever. Small detail.

In the darkest alleys, no one knows you're NOT actually Batman...

Posted by Nathaniel at 3:17 PM
Every now and then, David Malki ! hits on a topic that seems so utterly obvious, I find myself wondering how we had gone so long without a video of the idea posted to You Tube. Several times over. Here, it's the concept that a guy can get robbed, molested, and beaten to a pulp by a vicious thug, and then left to die with a note attached "from Batman" saying he's the offender; lock him up. And really, there's nothing he can do about it. Because, hey, we're talking about the freaking Batman here. You gonna let this criminal get away because of circumstantial evidence? Not if Batman's involved, you won't. Because even if there's the remote chance it isn't from Batman, you can't take the risk. Best to assume it is and lock away another potential bad guy. You had to know some criminals would work that loophole into their miscreant repertoire.

I also felt the need to post this just because of the visual image we are presented with. If prison systems had more tiny cylindrical cages, there would likely be far less crime these days.

Let's quote famous people! #2

Posted by Nathaniel at 3:11 PM
From Jon Rosenberg's LiveJournal:
It is the perfect house for Barbecue Parties. How do you want your burger cooked?
Jon just invited the entire internet to his house for a BBQ. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Unfortunately, the duck is the lizard's natural enemy...

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:41 AM
If you recall, about a week ago, Arthur came across what he believed to be a duck egg (Coral cache). Immediately, some sort of primal, "motherly instinct" (evidently only found in male ducks) kicked in, and Arthur felt obligated to care for the abandoned egg. On Sunday, we discovered the appalling truth (Coral cache).

I mention this only because I find uncontrollable joy in watching the subtle changes in Arthur's face, panel by panel, as he comes to the horrendous realization that ducks are born as hideous green lizard-like monstrosities. That has to be a difficult fact to come to terms with.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Beware the Dark Butterfly!

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:36 PM
Dean Trippe is looking for a design of an "alternate universe" version of his pint-sized hero, Butterfly, presented in the ever-popular contest format:
In an upcoming Butterfly storyline (in the fall) there are going to be alternate universe versions of our little hero making their way into the Butterfly universe. We’ve all seen the Dark Mirror universe, Earth 2, the Ultimate Universe, etc. Draw up a version of Butterfly from an alternate universe and send it in. I’m going to pick five reader-submitted versions of Butterfly to appear in the actual story, with credit on the web/print publication. (I’ll also send you some freebies.) So get crackin’!
I think your art is top-shelf--first-rate--and you should enter. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Tom Brazelton unveils June Zoinks! cover art

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:47 PM

Tom Brazelton (FYI -- sounds like "razzle dazzle") over at Theater Hopper unveiled the cover artwork that he and Chris Cantrell put together for our June issue of Zoinks!. It looks fantastic, and as with any issue, I can't wait to have it in my hands.

Tom also says some nice things about me, none of which are true. Except the part where I did my homework. That was spot on. Oh, and the things he said about Zoinks! being a great magazine; that was true, too. But I do have to agree that the live interview experience was truly a treat, and I wish it was something I could guarantee for every issue of Zoinks!. Alas, there are very few (read: one) webcartoonists in the immediate area, though I've heard tell that Minneapolis--a mere 6 hour drive north--has at least one itself. Might have to check that out.

In any case, Tom is truly a great guy, and it was a lively, entertaining interview. Lacking a recorder of any kind, I opted instead to furiously key his answers into my laptop as he spoke. This is a feat I shall never again attempt. I look over the half-completed jumble of nonsensical "words", haphazardly thrown together in a flurry of finger movements, and I'm wondering where the hell all of Tom's interesting and captivating answers to my lame questions went. Well, as with every interview that preceeded this one, I'll just make it up as I go along. It's seemed to work in the past.

So, thanks, Tom! I'll be calling you shortly to get the "correct" answers to some of these questions...

Penny Arcade Podcast is Number 4

Posted by Nathaniel at 3:16 PM

Gabe is absolutely correct when he says that the Penny Arcade podcast is number 4 out of the top 100 subscribed podcasts, beating out notables Onion radio news and Ask a Ninja (both of which are on my subscription list). This just goes to prove that the Penny Arcade has an immense amount of power. They can create a podcast containing nothing more than 45 minutes of the two of them casually discussing gaming news until they hit on an idea for their Monday morning comic, and it will be a guaranteed success. It's my firm belief that these guys could shit in a box and sell the product for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Never underestimate the desire for fans to desperately feel more closely connected to the object of their worship.

That said, their podcast is actually quite entertaining to listen to. I'm just saying.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

CGW interviews Penny Arcade

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:42 PM
1up (the gaming website of the Ziff-Davis media empire) has posted online half of the interview they had with Penny Arcade masterminds Tycho (Jerry Holkins) and Gabe (Mike Krahulik). The entirety of the interview is available in the May issue of Computer Gaming World magazine.

In the interview they talk about everything from favorite games and favorite strips, to hating on Harlan Ellison at Foolscap and caring about children with Child's Play.

Let's quote famous people!

Posted by Nathaniel at 12:50 PM
Because it sounds much better coming from him than from me, here's Kristofer Straub (with a 'K' and an 'F') of Starslip Crisis:
We need to talk about something important. Dave mentioned my name in his Zoinks interview. If you're not subscribing to Zoinks yet, you're an inhuman monster.
On a side note, the whole "Kristopher" thing? Yeah. John's fault. Just saying.

Penny and Aggie fanstuff contest

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:55 AM
T Campbell and Gisèle Lagacé are holding a contest requesting any and all types of Penny and Aggie-related fanstuff to promote their upcoming first P&A collection: The Best of Enemies.

According to T:
Virtually anything that's based on Penny and Aggie qualifies: games, icons, fanart, Photoshoppery, fanficiton, novelization, poems, filks, essays, mp3s, audio performance, video performance, animation, sculpture, cosplay, clubs, conventions, humor, MiSTing, origami... surprise us. The piece we like the best will get a free copy of the book and a signed original sketch, and anybody else who submits work by the rules will show up on our fanstuff page.
Get cracking, kids, this stuff won't create itself.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I have Tom Brazelton's cell phone number

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:50 PM
Tom Brazelton, creator of the highly realistic situational webcomic Theater Hopper is one of the victims of the next issue of Zoinks! The June issue will be focused on the blockbuster movie craze (side note: guess what movie comes out in June? C'mon, guess!), and features Brazelton, along with Chris Cantrell of Please Rewind. They've both collaborated on the cover art, and they each get their own interview for the edition.

The best part is, Tom's a local! He lives and works in Des Moines, as do I, so we're planning to get together tomorrow evening at Cup O Kryptonite and have ourselves a merry ol' question and answer session amidst the heavenly, euphoric combined scent of comics and coffee.

Every time a new issue of Zoinks! comes around, we always post the interviewee's webcomic to our listing. However, you'll find that Theater Hopper is already listed. So, we're doing a special this time around: shameless promotion!

Did you know that there's a Theater Hopper book coming? Did you know that it's currently available for pre-sale? Did you know that it's Brazelton's first Theater Hopper collection? Did you know that there's a street team promotion going on, where you can win prizes--fabulous prizes!--just for whoring out the Theater Hopper book? All true!

In addition to marketing Tom's initial book collection, we'll also be posting to the big list the webcomic of every member of Boxcar Comics, the collective to which Theater Hopper belongs. Why? Because we're just that sweet. And we're desperate for people to like us.

And on a somewhat related side note, no, I will not be giving Tom's cell phone number away.

For less than $100.

This is likely one of the most disgusting panels in webcomics

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:01 PM

Tyler Martin knows his way around a comic strip. When he first launched On the Rocks, I thought the art was a bit simplistic. Very basic lines, no detail, flat colors. But it was funny. In recent weeks, it's not only gotten funnier, but Martin has also started introducing sporadic blasts of mind-numbing detail. My favorite example of his amazing skill isn't even found on On the Rocks -- it's over on Ugly Hill.

A discussion of Martin's artistic talent doesn't even touch on his business acumen. Let's not forget that your mom reads On the Rocks. The Family Education site has a Mom's Coffee Break section that features On the Rocks, which is also featured over at the kids edutainment site Funbrain.

And yesterday's comic, for the record, completely grosses me out. Utterly fantastic.

Subscribe via email

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:17 PM
Mike Arrington alerted me to the fact that Feedburner is now offering RSS via email. Basically, it's a mailing list. However, the functionally fantastic element to this mailing list is that it's all controlled by your Feedburner feeds. Instead of sending you an alert that there is a new post on your favorite blog, or even just static text, it sends the post itself, images, links, etc. all intact and nicely formatted. So, it's essentially a souped-up RSSpect, which is bad for RSSpect, but good for bloggers in general.

I'm using this service myself, now (sign up to the right). Let me know how it's working!

This template is much better

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:00 PM
I hacked together the unofficial blogger template code with some actual blogger code and came away with something more functional and still stylish, with some extras, courtesy of Feedburner.

Let us know what you think (now that you can comment)!

This template sucks

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:56 AM
OK, maybe I should have tested this template a little more thoroughly before posting it. I've been told (not through the comments, of course) that visitors are unable to leave comments. This may not be a bad thing, but I suppose it's an unwelcome design flaw. That's what I get for attempting to use unofficial code.

I can't include a post link. That's unfortunate.

Besides that, I've discovered that the handy search bar at the top of the blog is no longer at the top of the blog. That's also an oversight.

While I like the look and feel, I don't like the added unessentials. So, I'll be switching to yet another template soon, one that hopefully functions. I'm going to attempt to hack apart an official template so that it looks more like this one. Thank god I know HTML and CSS.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I was sick of the clutter, too...

Posted by Nathaniel at 3:58 PM
Expect more spring cleaning in the coming days, weeks, and potentially...months.

Category: evilnetwork

Paul Southworth pulls a "Ren & Stimpy" on PvP

Posted by Nathaniel at 3:22 PM
PvP by Scott Kurtz

This is probably one of the single greatest things I have read all year.

In case you're curious, the comic is in reference to this particularly heated "discussion" on--of all things--dick and fart jokes.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Yirmumah ain't here

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:43 AM
Note the date.


UPDATE: over on, DJ has posted a quick notice that the problem is fixed. You may need to perform a hard refresh of your browser, clearing the cache in order to view the site. Do this with a Ctrl-F5 in IE, Shift-Ctrl-R in Firefox. It should be noted that after performing a hard refresh in Firefox AND clearing my browser cache, I still can't see the site content. Just have to sit and wait, I suppose.

UPDATE 2: I guess I should have thought to check my own comments before posting the update. That'll teach me to think this site doesn't actually get any attention.

Category: webcomics

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Politics get ugly in Ugly Hill

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:02 AM
At first glance, it would appear as though Paul is getting political on us. He's stirring up dissent. Peter's obviously unhappy with what the president is planning to do (you know, invade Eyeraq), and who knows where that hippy history teacher of his is placing his allegiance.

But don't forget: this is Paul Southworth we're talking about. The recipe is take one tongue and insert it firmly into cheek before proceeding.

In his blog post Paul writes:
[...] in regards to the current storyline, let's not all get our red, white, and blue knickers in a twist, huh? Ugly Hill isn't turning into "Doonesbury" or "Prickly City", heaven forbid. Politics was simply a part of the storyline I wanted to do, it couldn't be avoided. It's a part of life, and if Ugly Hill is about anything, it's about life. I have my opinions just like everyone else, but I also realize that they are grossly under-informed opinions made without the slightest knowledge of what's really going on.
Thank you, Paul. We appreciate you not "going there", rhetorically speaking. It's more likely that this current exchange of ideas with a highly political slant is actually a catalyst for a more involved story that will explore the "racial" differences between the "regular" monsters and the "cyclops" monsters (which are an Ugly Hill minority). This is sure to be an interesting read, since Paul mentioned briefly yesterday that this storyline will be his longest storyline ever, weighing in at a hefty four full weeks.

So, if you're expecting yet another webcomic cartoonist to begin spouting their political beliefs and you're ready to tune out, just hold on, and take a quote from Paul to suppress your desire to ignore:
Besides, if you take a look at today's strip, it takes place between a high school freshman and a liberal (note the ponytail!) history teacher. What did you expect them to do, shave Uncle Sam into the back of their heads and join the National Guard?

Category: webcomics

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ironically, it's antonym would be 'Harsh Realm'

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:21 PM
I can't say for sure that the word 'softer' in the title of the webcomic A Softer World is really appropriate. The subject matter is varied, and oftentimes is much more coarse and mentally jarring than soft.

The webcomic by Joey Comeau and Emily Horne is a series of three photographs (or, sometimes, the same photograph placed three times from various angles) with some added narrative or dialogue. This narrative is usually represented as internal thoughts, musings, or a simple conversation. The affect can be funny, hilarious, creepy, or just downright morbid. And occasionally you run into one that I refer to as dysphorically uplifting.

In any case, it is an amazing work of art. Emily's photographs are fantastically arranged, and Joey's narratives are at once hideous and inspiring. Just flipping through the archives can force you to read things you never wish you had, and a comic that can do that is a marvel of creative genius. I discovered this comic only recently, and some days, I truly wish it had remained hidden to me. But more often than not, I recognize it for the artistic outlet that it is. It may be a bit jarring to have it nestled between Sheldon and PvP on your reading list, but it absolutely must be there somewhere.

And does anyone else remember Harsh Realm? I actually liked that show. All three episodes. Pity.

Category: webomics

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