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Monday, January 30, 2006

Penny Arcade Takes Shot at Infinium Labs

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:58 PM
ComicsGamingI don't usually link to Penny Arcade because they get about a billion unique visitors a day, and frankly, they don't need my help. But I couldn't resist mentioning today's installment as it so poignantly illustrates the inherent problems with Infinium's current business model, and simultaneously causes the worldwide collective scratching of heads as gamers attempt to understand how they keep getting money.

Kotaku Looks at Shigureden

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:44 PM
GamingI had planned to post this here because it's definitely interesting and absolutely worth mentioning. Brian Ashcraft was tossing out entries every so often, and I was waiting for it to be completely finished before linking it. Luckily, it finished today, and Brian helpfully posted a linklist of the commentary.
Shigureden (Autumn Shower Palace) is a private museum maintained by a company of the same name, founded this January. Money from card game lovers, including Nintendo’s head honcho Hiroshi Yamauchi was used for funding.

“Hyakunin Isshu” is a poetry card game with 100 poems. Players search the poem cards and try to take it asap before their opponents. For the Japanese, having the ability to memorize all the poems means one has a good sense of beauty. At the museum, the cards will be displayed on the floor, and apparently, the game can be played with a customized DS.
Nintendo Finds Tradition in the Hills of Kyoto
Get Out Of Cities
How to Attract Loads of Old Folks
Japanese Do’s and Don’ts
Learn About Hyakunin Isshu
This DS Ain’t Sold in Stores
How to DS Navi
Granny Kicking Ass and Taking Names
Where’s Mario?
Poetry Readings
Here’s Mario
Card Playing Gets Nintendo VR
A Nintendo Well of Problems
Gamers Back in the Day
Sweating It Out

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Karaoke... country style?

Posted by Dacquin at 2:52 PM
GamingWell, I'm a big fan of musical video gaming (DDR, Guitar Hero, Amplitude) and then I heard this was coming out.

Karaoke Revolution: Country.

I don't really have a problem with it. I just live in a place where people would rather go out, get drunk, and then karaoke country songs than play a game that emulates the experience, minus the booze. My females friends think it's a joke. I personally don't know if there's a really a market for this.

What it does have going for it is that CMT is a partner in creating this game, so the game will have some promise. I guess I'd better get the moonshine ready.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I dunno, panels 8, 12, and 27 aren't really doing anything for me...

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:03 AM
ComicsFrom Cat and Girl, recently introduced to me. Dorothy brings us the hundred daily dreads of everyday living, or at least the first 34.

Just wanted to mention this as a pivotal example of why I love webcomics so much. Forget transcending the panel and other such nonsense. I capsulize this concept in one simple word:


Thursday and Friday bring us more dreads.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Biggest Webcomic Loser

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:42 PM
ComicsYou know, for all its petty squabbles and drama and in-fighting, the webcomics community sure does know how to come together for great causes. A few months ago, Blank Label organized the Webcomics Telethon for Hurricane Relief, and now we have Shed Fat for UNICEF (not the official name).

Actually, it's the webcomic version of NBC's the Biggest Loser, where teams of "hefty" people battle it out to see who can lose the most weight in the shortest span of time. Winner gets a huge chunk of change.

However, in this case, these noble participants aren't gaining anything from this competition. They're losing. Pounds, hopefully. The idea here is that you go and support your favorite webcomic cartoonist and submit a per-pound donation pledge. However many pounds your cartoonist ends up losing, that's what you end up giving. And the money goes directly to the United Nations Children Fund.

Chris Crosby is in there. Crosby has been very vocal about his weight problem, and the health problems that have come along with the extra baggage. He's publicly acknowledged that he is a whopping 525 pounds at the moment, with a desire to cut off 350 of that excess poundage. His current pledge level is at $4 per pound, meaning if he is successful at attaining his goal, UNICEF stands to gain $1400 from his contribution alone.

And it looks like we're also being treated to special comics from the participating cartoonists, accompanied by manifesto's of their participation; why they're doing it, and what they hope to gain (I mean, lose).

A noble effort, and one that must not go unnoticed. We'll check in with the group from time to time to see where things stand.

Let it be known that as I'm writing this, I'm eating cookies. Should I be ashamed? Of course not. After all, I'm not in the competition...

Nothing is impossible if you have a nap first...

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:53 AM
ComicsI have a feeling that this is exactly what my cats are thinking when I'm not around.

And, it bears mentioning, if you aren't already, you should be reading Mousewax. Brandon Lewis is a clever monkey.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Help Us Rename the Evil Network!

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:42 PM
Evil NetworkUPDATE: we've received comments from people saying that forcing suggestions to be funnelled through the discussion group significantly limits participation. True. So, we've opened it up. You can now submit just about any way you desire. Help us out! We need a new identity!

The Evil Network has been around since roughly 2000 AD, and honestly I believe I originally set it up in late 1999. In any case, it's been around for a long time. And it's always been called the Evil Network. So, here's the thing.

It...really isn't all that evil. We've noticed this. And, well, it kinda bothers us.

So, we're looking for a facelift! We want a new name, and once we have that, we're actually investing in one of those domain names everyone's talking about these days. Look at us! We're a part of the future!

Here's the fun part: we want YOUR help! We're looking for your suggestions! Here's the criteria; now pay attention:
  1. We're about 75% a webcomics commentary blog. We'd like to stick to that concept, but we also talk about other geeky-type things here, as well, such as video games, internet, software, technology, music, movies, etc. Not to a great extent, but some. So, we need a name that reflects that. You'll come up with something.
  2. We're looking for a name suggestion AND a domain name. So, basically, if you suggest a new name, that new name should be based on the availability of a matching domain name in the .com/.net family of TLDs. No, we're not accepting a .info or .us suggestion, thank you. Even we have standards. Okay, no we don't, but we're not taking them anyway.
  3. Take your time. Submissions won't close until about the end of February. I have a baby coming, after all. Think about it for a while, think long and hard and submit something that you find appropriate. Or, the first thing that comes to your mind, we're not incredibly picky.
  4. Top suggestions will be voted upon! Yeah, for reasons I'm not quite sure I've put enough thought into I'm planning to take the top suggestions (the ones we can actually stand) and post them in a poll for our loving public to vote upon. YOU get to decide in more ways than one! Offer a suggestion and THEN vote for it to make sure it gets picked! Campaign for your idea! Or dismiss it entirely, since that's what we'll be doing.
  5. Submit suggestions many different ways! We want your ideas. So, we've got three different paths for you to get your ideas to us.
So, there you have it! Help us out, and maybe the suggestion that wins the rename will have some kind of sweet reward waiting for them.*

So, what are you waiting for? Get started! We want your thoughts!

* no, they won't

Webcomic Tutoralaniums™

Posted by Nathaniel at 3:18 PM
ComicsA couple of nifty webcomic creator tutorials have popped up on the internets this week. One is from Hawk and Ananth of Applegeeks. They will be posting a new image every day this week showing the steps they take to create a comic. While not a true "tutorial", it is an interesting insight into their collective creative process.

The other comes from Kazu Kibuishi of Copper, and includes extensive details of every step of Kazu's Copper crafty comic creation (alliteration! I love it!).

Both are required reading for passing the upcoming Evil Network webcomic knowledge exam.

Discoveries: the Green Avenger

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:49 AM
ComicsI honestly can't remember who introduced me to the Green Avenger. I think I may have come across Abby in the BLC forums, where she and I both tend to frequent. In any case, I'm enormously glad I happened across the comic. I'll tell you why. With bullet points.
  • The art isn't "fantastic", but it's good, and it's definitely improving. It's obvious that there is a lot of heart and dedication being poured into every comic, and that hooks me
  • Even if the art was atrocious (which it's NOT), it's Abby's writing that makes this comic so lovable
  • I love superheroes, and I don't see enough superhero webcomics out there. This absolutely fills that gap IF you're looking for a superhero story that focuses on superhero life vs. personal life as opposed to simply fighting evil
  • That last comment was not a knock against Evil, Inc.. I happen to love that comic dearly
  • She's the Green Avenger, and she doesn't know what she's "avenging".
  • She's a superhero, in Minnesota (well, "Midwestota", but same implication). Now, that's dedication.
  • I seriously believe that Abby has written herself as the main character, and I don't mind. It really works here
Abby has poured a lot of herself into this effort, and it shows with a sense of love and committment. I'm looking forward to seeing what she accomplishes in the near future, and I can't wait to see five years from now how her level of talent has exponentially multiplied into something absolutely astounding.

Because, hey, it's fairly astounding as it is now.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Tales by Tavernlight Returns! Kinda!

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:12 PM
ComicsSamwise the Bard, once a weekend staple for Kurtz, returns (however briefly) for a short stint in the current PvP storyline. Samwise was the star of a webcomic precursor to PvP that Kurtz did called Samwise: the Ultima Online Series. Interestingly enough, this webcomic notes the first appearance of Skull the troll.


Penny and Aggie: writing is hard...

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:35 AM
ComicsI don't review webcomics. Webcomics reviewers have had a bit of a bad rap lately. But more than that, I feel it's relatively difficult to review something that isn't complete. But that's a debate for other channels. Right now, I'm commenting on something I saw on Penny and Aggie today. But this isn't a review. It's commentary. Remember that.

I'm a big fan of Penny and Aggie. I'm also a big fan of any project T Campbell touches. But even more than his projects, I'm a huge fan of T Campbell's writing.

I interviewed T Campbell and Gisèle Lagacé for the February issue of Zoinks!, so I'll leave it to you to read that article and see what makes T Campbell tick. I'm not going to talk about that here. Suffice to say, he can write just about anything.

Some people will argue that just writing isn't really a skill. Those people are ignorant. And if you read the current Penny and Aggie storyline, you'll see an example of excellent writing as it happens.

Culminating in today's strip. Penny highlights the one thing that makes popular girls dangerous. It isn't their blatant disregard for a person's feelings, and it isn't their flippant attitude towards those lesser than themselves.

It's ambition. And ambition makes a "number two girl" want to be "number one", and that simple fact hits Penny's own "number two's" like a basket of bricks.

I felt that was worth mentioning.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

CCG Madness!

Posted by Nathaniel at 8:14 PM
GamingWe've known for a while now about the Penny Arcade collectible card game, and now it looks as though we're mere moments away from concept becoming reality. As disturbing as this may sound, I can't wait to get my hands on Tycho's deck.

Moving on!

In other CCG-related news, one of my CoH compatriots recently picked up the CoH CCG starter pack, and was kind enough to get me one of my own. I haven't read through the rules, yet, though the instruction sheet is roughly 1/100th the size of the Magic: the Gathering manual, which should translate to a fairly simple gameplay structure. Or, at the very least, one that is poorly documented. I should note that the cards are of excellent quality, both in art and construction. I'll definitely let you know if a pack is worth picking up.

HINT: you probably won't pick one up unless you are A) already a City of Heroes fan/player, or B) already a huge CCG nut, or C) BOTH. In any such case, you've already gotten your own pack, so I should probably just keep quiet about the whole thing. Yeah, that's probably what I'll do.

Webcomic Spotlight: Unshelved!

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:22 AM
ComicsWe're long overdue for a spotlight around here, and so I thought I'd pull one out of the waiting list and add it to the hit list.

by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum

There aren't many comics out there that explore the ins and outs of operating a library, and there's good reason for that: no one else would be able to make it this funny. Non-sensical situations, a sarcastic and lovable staff, and expert comedic timing make this webcomic something that absolutely needs to go in your daily reading list. If you aren't reading it already, you have roughly four years' worth of archives to get through. So, I'd get started now since it's a daily strip, and those archives aren't going to get any smaller.


Monday, January 16, 2006

I can hear crickets chirping, can you...?

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:24 PM
Evil NetworkNo, I haven't left yet. No baby emergency at the moment. Note to self: don't post about a future hiatus, and then become noticably absent for a couple days. I'm still here, just haven't really found anything the past weekend really newsworthy to post about. Which is really sad, actually, since I have the itch to complain about things.

I guess I could always complain about the lack of interesting things happening, but that just seems too obvious.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The calm before the storm...

Posted by Nathaniel at 7:12 PM
Evil NetworkI honestly can't remember if I've mentioned that my wife and I are pregnant with our second child. If the case is that I haven't, then the chance is even greater that you didn't know the baby was due any day now. The actual due date is posted in the javascript warning message above--an ominous forebearer of a future date, tediously calculated with the latest paper wheel mathematical due date calculation technologies available.

So, in any case, I wanted to especially make it very clear that at some point between now and then, I will disappear for a while. Chances are good that I will be in a hospital room either making oddly comforting breathing sounds to my wife that is cursing my very existence, or holding a tiny version of myself, cuddling my newborn spawn within my exhausted arms.

In either case, I won't be here, but that isn't the reason that I'll be a very happy person.

City of Hero Launches in Asia

Posted by Nathaniel at 2:06 PM
GamingIt's time for your sporadic City of Heroes update, and this one comes with audio visuals! In order to cash in on the enormous potential for MMORPGs in Korea, NC Soft is launching CoH in Asia, adding a brand new group of Asian-inspired heroes to their current roster. A fantastic introductory CGI video has been released demonstrating the powers these new heroes wield. And no, that isn't a typo. The game has been renamed City of HERO for its Asian launch. The official CoH Asia site is located at

Thursday, January 12, 2006

BLAMIMATION® Tutoralanium­™

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:34 PM
ComicsLooks like reknowned FANTASTICIAN® Kris Straub has posted a step-by-step Tutoralanium­™ (our word, not theirs) on how to do your OWN BLAMIMATION®! Don't forget to purchase their copyright on the Webifuture® before you begin.

BlinkList Down, my bookmarks...gone...

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:17 PM
InternetWell, this is just wonderful. I had changed out all my Firefox live bookmarks from links to BlinkList blinks. And what happens the very next day?

Outage. Deja vu. Seething hatred.

I'm becoming a Luddite.

UPDATE: Okay, BlinkList is back online, and all is well with the world. I'm NOT becoming a Luddite. I do have to say, however, that I find BlinkList to be several times over far better than And I'm not just saying that because one of the administrators visits this site periodically.

Yes I am.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm a Sexist Webcomic Reader

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:02 PM
ComicsOr at least, that's how it appears. I was over at Comixpedia (happens quite frequently now that I'm a news editor there), and I was wishing Maritza Campos congratulations on her recently-celebrated 7-year anniversary. It occurred to me that although I've known about College Roomies from Hell!!! for most--if not all--of those 7 years, the comic wasn't currently in my bookmarks, which is reprehensible. So I added it. Then, I took a quick look through my webcomics links.

Number of female creators? One, Gisele Lagacé. Sadly, she's only does the art for Penny and Aggie; T Campbell does the writing. So I can't even win there. Adding Maritza in, I now have two. I'm pathetic.

So, I'm evidently a sexist webcomic reader. I shame myself, as well as my collegues.

Here's the point -- I need women. Creators, that is. I need names and URLs of some female webcomics creators to add to my list, because I know they're out there, I just can't seem to bookmark them. So I need you--my faithful readers--to introduce me to them.

If you know of a good webcomic by a female creator, or have one yourself email me, join the discussion group and tell me about it, or post in the comments, anything! Just tell me!

Cause I don't want people to look at me and say "don't talk to HIM! He's a sexist webcomic reader!" That would just make me cry. You don't want me to cry. Trust me.

NetJak Interview with Jack Thompson

Posted by Nathaniel at 12:51 PM
GamingRick Healey (who goes by the name 32_footsteps on NetJak and on Websnark comments) recently got the pleasure of interviewing Jack Thompson. The interview is a surprisingly interesting read. Healey asks some great questions, and he claims that Thompson was actually pleasant and congenial with him, though be forewarned: Thompson does refer to gaming as a "masturbatory activity".

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Garfield Randomizer

Posted by Nathaniel at 12:49 PM
ComicsThis has to be the only way Garfield can really be salvagable. You visit this site and three randomly selected Garfield panels are placed before you. You can "lock" any number of them in place, and re-randomize the remaining panels until you get a work of comedy genius that Jim Davis (or his staff, since he doesn't draw the comic anymore) could never have come up with himself (themselves, since Jim doesn't write the comic, either). Genius.

Thanks to Boing Boing!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Drunk Duck Returns, Webcomics World Scratches Head

Posted by Nathaniel at 8:46 PM
ComicsSo, Drunk Duck is back online. No word yet on how long they plan to stick around this time.

Zoinks! Magazine $6 for 6 Issues Permanent Pricing for 2006

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:46 PM
ComicsBill's finally gone crazy. He's decided that the special holiday pricing for Zoinks! Magazine subscriptions of $6 for 6 issues was soooo good, he's extending the offer for all of 2006!

You have absolutely no excuse to subscribe now.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Shadow of the Colossus review

Posted by Dacquin at 6:22 PM
GamingFrom the makers of Ico, we now have Shadow of the Colossus. I’ve heard a few things good and bad about this game, and since I’ve played Ico, I thought that this deserved a go. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this game a lot more than Ico, not to say that Ico is a bad game, but the puzzles are much more fun to play here, especially since they’re alive.

The story is very simple, boy loses girl, boy wants girl back, boy makes deal with godlike voice to kill sixteen colossi to bring her back. Complicated, huh? As in Ico, if you want the rest of the story, you have to beat the game and watch the ending, but trust me when I say you’ll have fun reaching that ending.

You have three things to help you in this game: your horse, the Ancient sword, and your bow and arrow. To go find the colossus you’re looking for, you must use the Ancient sword to guide you to it. Since the field is vast, you’re going to use your horse to get to far away places and help you in defeating the colossi. Your bow and arrow, while not powerful, will help agitate the colossus so you can get his attention. Then, when you reach his vital point(s), you have to destroy it with the ancient sword.

That’s where the puzzle comes in. No two colossi are alike in how to defeat them. You have to find how to defeat them by watching them, observing your surrounds, and finding their weak points. The sword will help you in locating them, but to get to those points isn’t easy. You have a limited amount of stamina that prevents you from holding on to a colossus for so long. You also have a small health bar to live by, because a colossus isn’t going to let you take its life that easy.

It’s a VERY beautiful game. There are some colossi that are absolutely breathtaking to see, that it’s almost a shame you have to kill them. The arenas where you fight each colossus is unique and interesting to battle in. The trips to get to those places will involve letting you view gorgeous mountainsides, beautiful fields, deserts, and forests. It’s a wonderful environment that the team that created it definitely took their time in developing it.

So, what wrong with the game you might say? Some of the colossus are hard to destroy, and by that, I mean that they’re tough. Finding their weakness is a bear to do. Also, your stamina will cause you to fall from the colossus, having you start back from the beginning to kill them.

Some fun extras that are included in the game are time trials. After you beat the game, you can replay it and they’ll give you limited stamina and health to destroy the colossus. For every two you kill, you gain an item to help you against fighting the colossi. Also, you’re introduced to a hard mode, and that really doesn’t need explaining.

We need more fun puzzle games like this. Honestly, this is an incredible game. 8.7/10

Saturday, January 07, 2006

More Imaginitaining® from the Fantasticians®

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:37 PM
ComicsLooks like Scott Kurtz has posted yet another Blamimation attempt. This one is much higher quality than previous attempts, but fear not! It is equally as amateur and hilarious as its predecessors.

In addition, Kristofer Straub has posted two of his own creations on the Blamimation site. One for Checkerboard Nightmare and another for Starslip Crisis. You have to check them all out. Otherwise, you can't win the internets.

National Geographic Kids Magazine Reveals Revolution Details

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:18 PM
GamingI never thought we would be hearing concrete details regarding the mysterious Revolution from a kids magazine, but a recent demonstration for NGK with Nintendo's Revolution in Tokyo has garnered some fantastic insights:
They report, "The Revolution will be available later this year. You'll be able to use it with games you already have as well as with new games. Here are some old favorites and a few of the things you'll be able to do with this revolutionary new controller."
Check the article for more details ripped from NGK scans. Hopefully, we're not looking at yet another speculative article that's being reported as concrete fact. Though if we are, it definitely wouldn't be the first time this has happened.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Clickwheel 2.0 LIVE!

Posted by Nathaniel at 11:00 AM
ComicsT Campbell has unveiled a new and improved version of the Clickwheel iPod comic delivery service, and they're looking for more content:
Here's the crazy thing: everyone at the company freely admits that WE DON'T KNOW which kinds of comics are going to be most successful on the iPod. So go ahead and apply for an account now, while the applying's good!
There's some quality entertainment to be viewed there, including new material from DJ Coffman, Chris Crosby, Adrian Ramos, Tiffany Ross, and, of course, T Campbell. It's at least worth checking out, that is, if you have an iPod. Though I doubt this service is of much use to someone with an iPod Shuffle.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Starslip Drive Currently in Development

Posted by Nathaniel at 11:21 PM
TechnologyI have seen the future, and it is being reported by the Scottish:
The theoretical engine works by creating an intense magnetic field that, according to ideas first developed by the late scientist Burkhard Heim in the 1950s, would produce a gravitational field and result in thrust for a spacecraft.

Also, if a large enough magnetic field was created, the craft would slip into a different dimension, where the speed of light is faster, allowing incredible speeds to be reached. Switching off the magnetic field would result in the engine reappearing in our current dimension.
All be darned if that don't sound mighty familiar (minus the whole "scanning for parallel universes part" -- but the part about "slipping into another dimension", well, that's just Star Trek talk...).

Wigu to Appear Somewhere in Print Monthly

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:43 PM
ComicsIn what has to be one of the oddest press releases I've read in quite some time, Jeffrey Rowland will begin publishing Wigu on a monthly basis starting February 1st, somewhere.
Rowland has yet to decide on a printer for this independently published work of mind-boggling genius, but insists that it will be released by February 1 even if he has to hand-print each copy with his own thick, black blood on shreds of stolen toilet paper.
I'd like to see that. I'm really hoping we see more info as details become available. In the meantime, wish Rowland luck!

Evil Network Discussion Group

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:30 PM
Evil NetworkWe've created a discussion group for the Evil Network! It's hosted on Google Groups, and everyone seems to have a Google account of SOME sort nowadays, so maybe we'll get more sign-ups here than we did with our message board (that I blew up a short while ago due to lack of interest). I'm not sure if any of the 50-100 daily lurkers here want to begin talking to each other, but at least now the option is open for those interested.

Let us know what you think! In the discussion group!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Posted by Nathaniel at 4:35 PM
GamingI'm not going to say anything more on the subject. That number speaks for itself.

Good job, everyone. Good job...

Crap in a Box: Movie Studios Announce Blu-Ray Offerings

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:10 PM
Movies and TelevisionAs if it wasn't bad enough that movie studios were already producing crap, now they're putting crap in Sony's fabled next generation media storage, Blu-Ray in the next step of on ongoing march towards an inevitable format war. Here's the meager offerings:

  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  • XXX
  • Species
  • Robocop
  • Hitch
  • The Fifth Element
  • House of Flying Daggers
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula
  • Rambo: First Blood
  • Total Recall
  • Dune
  • Saw
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  • The Devil's Rejects
  • Lord of War
  • The Punisher
  • Aeon Flux
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
  • Four Brothers
  • The Italian Job
  • The Manchurian Candidate
  • We Were Soldiers
  • Fantastic Four
  • Ice Age
  • Behind Enemy Lines

That's supposed to represent "support"? I'd hate to see what they would put out if they were hoping to make Blu-Ray fail.

BLAMIMATION® Labs - Imaginitaining® the Webifuture®

Posted by Nathaniel at 11:30 AM
ComicsLooks like the future has finally come. Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub have put togther a website for Blamimation that will eventually host tutorials for creating your own Flash-based webcomic animation. For now, it contains a note from world-reknowned Fantastician, Kris Straub:
BLAMIMATION(tm) is a landmark in IMAGINITAINMENT(tm) that uses specialized techniques to deliver an INCREDITRONIC(R) EXPERIENTATION(tm) unlike any other. It's beyond animation, it's beyond a still image. It's beyond the 20th century. It's just beyond.

It's like the internet just got a lame-ectomy.
Indeed it has, gentlemen. And yet, it appears as though some people just don't get it. Pity for them. The rest of us, however, are having a blast.

Zoinks! February 2006

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:35 AM
ComicsThe next issue of Zoinks! Webcomic Magazine is fast approaching. Normally we take a moment to recognize the interviews Dac and I are doing and add those comics to our listing. The problem is that Gisèle Lagacé and T Campbell's Penny and Aggie and Tim Buckley's Ctrl+Alt+Del are both already on the list! I guess that means I just need to add the comics featured on 01comics in honor of my interview with Barry Gregory regarding Ka-Blam! print-on-demand.

In related news, there's a special surprise from me waiting in the next issue of Zoinks! for people who remember the old OLD days when I used to do my own webcomic called Evil vs Evil. Yes, that's right -- I've created a new comic.

It's my first comic in roughly five years, so be gentle in your discourse. However, don't consider this some sort of triumphal re-entry into the webcomics community of creators. I'm doing just one comic every two months (it's a schedule I can actually work with, unlike your heathen "M-F" or the ultra-paganistic "M,W,F"), and the comics will only appear within the hallowed pages of Zoinks! So, if you're really desperate and for some god-forsaken reason are truly jonesing for a new comic from yours truly (fyi, I know you aren't), then you will simply have to subscribe to see it.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

PvP Comes Alive!

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:42 PM
ComicsScott Kurtz has teamed up with Kris Straub to create PvP Alive!, a (semi)-animated form of PvP.
To bring PvP ALIVE! to life, I consulted with world renowned 'Fantastician', Kristofer Straub about finding an affordable and efficient way to bring PvP ALIVE! on a regular basis. Kristofer has recently been tinkering with a new media called BLAMIMATION that he's been looking to try out on a new project.
BLAMIMATION evidently calls for still captures of a particular comic (or re-creations, at least) set to the dialogue of two drunk guys performing voiceovers. I have to warn you, the effort is completely amateur and astoundingly hilarious.

Personal Feelings toward Guitar Hero

Posted by Dacquin at 5:18 PM
I had some things I wanted to point out some things about Guitar Hero that aren’t guidelines, but are personal feelings about the game.

1. You’ve failed the song if you don’t nail the final note. Sure you passed the song, but come on, if you screw up that final note, no one should be clapping for you. You didn’t end the song properly. BOO!!! (Just to let you know, I’ve failed many songs that way, so that goes for me too)

2. If you don’t hit the first note on Iron Man, start over. I’ve seen people play this song and not hit the first note. There’s a whammy bar on this controller for a reason! You use it for the first notes of this song. To neglect it’s usage for this song is a crime. Restart.

3. Don’t try Expert until you nail Hard. Trust me. If you want proof, try Spanish Castle Magic on Hard, then Expert. I refuse to try Expert again until I can do a decent job on Hard. Of course, trying to do Hendrix isn’t a walk through the park. Anyway, you should be playing left handed on this particular song, so it wouldn’t be easy for anyone who’s a righty. (For those uncultured rock people, Hendrix was a lefty.)

4. On that same note, don’t play Hard until you do well on Medium. You need to practice doing well with those four buttons before you even think about tacking a fifth one onto your problems. When you reach Hard, you’re going to have to pull off a few small riffs that’ll include that button and you’re gonna suck if you haven’t practiced moving those fingers.

5. Don’t wait for the groupies. It says on the career mode that I paid for them, but I don’t see them anywhere.

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