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Monday, May 01, 2006

No, Digital Strips is not THAT kind of website

Posted by Nathaniel at 8:44 AM
Looks like the preeminent webcomics podcast (and fellow Zoinks! Magazine contributor) is in trouble. From Zampzon:
"Here's what happened. Someone went into several previous posts on our site and made a comment on each post. The comment contained a long list of pornographic terms and links to pornographic sites."
"A few days ago we started noticing that our traffic had increased significantly. As of last night we were getting 10 times the normal requests. As of this morning we are 3% of our monthly bandwidth usage away from being shut down as a result of the traffic."
Anyone have a grudge against the dynamic duo of Daku and Zampzon? I can't see that happening. I'd hate to see the site shut down as it's a marvelous resource. Any tips, let us know.

5/01/2006 11:53 AM: Blogger BoneMan said...

Damn, people suck. Hope the DS crew can get it all sorted out!

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