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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Politics get ugly in Ugly Hill

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:02 AM
At first glance, it would appear as though Paul is getting political on us. He's stirring up dissent. Peter's obviously unhappy with what the president is planning to do (you know, invade Eyeraq), and who knows where that hippy history teacher of his is placing his allegiance.

But don't forget: this is Paul Southworth we're talking about. The recipe is take one tongue and insert it firmly into cheek before proceeding.

In his blog post Paul writes:
[...] in regards to the current storyline, let's not all get our red, white, and blue knickers in a twist, huh? Ugly Hill isn't turning into "Doonesbury" or "Prickly City", heaven forbid. Politics was simply a part of the storyline I wanted to do, it couldn't be avoided. It's a part of life, and if Ugly Hill is about anything, it's about life. I have my opinions just like everyone else, but I also realize that they are grossly under-informed opinions made without the slightest knowledge of what's really going on.
Thank you, Paul. We appreciate you not "going there", rhetorically speaking. It's more likely that this current exchange of ideas with a highly political slant is actually a catalyst for a more involved story that will explore the "racial" differences between the "regular" monsters and the "cyclops" monsters (which are an Ugly Hill minority). This is sure to be an interesting read, since Paul mentioned briefly yesterday that this storyline will be his longest storyline ever, weighing in at a hefty four full weeks.

So, if you're expecting yet another webcomic cartoonist to begin spouting their political beliefs and you're ready to tune out, just hold on, and take a quote from Paul to suppress your desire to ignore:
Besides, if you take a look at today's strip, it takes place between a high school freshman and a liberal (note the ponytail!) history teacher. What did you expect them to do, shave Uncle Sam into the back of their heads and join the National Guard?

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