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Friday, April 21, 2006

Penny Arcade Podcast is Number 4

Posted by Nathaniel at 3:16 PM

Gabe is absolutely correct when he says that the Penny Arcade podcast is number 4 out of the top 100 subscribed podcasts, beating out notables Onion radio news and Ask a Ninja (both of which are on my subscription list). This just goes to prove that the Penny Arcade has an immense amount of power. They can create a podcast containing nothing more than 45 minutes of the two of them casually discussing gaming news until they hit on an idea for their Monday morning comic, and it will be a guaranteed success. It's my firm belief that these guys could shit in a box and sell the product for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Never underestimate the desire for fans to desperately feel more closely connected to the object of their worship.

That said, their podcast is actually quite entertaining to listen to. I'm just saying.


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