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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Let's quote famous people! #3

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:11 AM
Okay, so it's Kris Straub again:
"Everyone should pay tribute to the grandfather of sci-fi webcomics, Melonpool. It's its tenth anniversary. Great comics never die, they just stop updating."
It should be noted that Melonpool updated on Friday, for the first time since before last Christmas. Thanks, Steve! The question now is, are you keeping it up, or was this a one-time thing, making sure the content stays fresh at least twice a year? Just curious.

And before I receive any threatening emails, it should also be noted that I'm not mocking Steve with that comment about updating. In case you aren't aware, Steve's been working on a project with greater importance lately, and I'm perfectly fine with that. As is he. As you should be. Wii, wii, wii.


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