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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I have Tom Brazelton's cell phone number

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:50 PM
Tom Brazelton, creator of the highly realistic situational webcomic Theater Hopper is one of the victims of the next issue of Zoinks! The June issue will be focused on the blockbuster movie craze (side note: guess what movie comes out in June? C'mon, guess!), and features Brazelton, along with Chris Cantrell of Please Rewind. They've both collaborated on the cover art, and they each get their own interview for the edition.

The best part is, Tom's a local! He lives and works in Des Moines, as do I, so we're planning to get together tomorrow evening at Cup O Kryptonite and have ourselves a merry ol' question and answer session amidst the heavenly, euphoric combined scent of comics and coffee.

Every time a new issue of Zoinks! comes around, we always post the interviewee's webcomic to our listing. However, you'll find that Theater Hopper is already listed. So, we're doing a special this time around: shameless promotion!

Did you know that there's a Theater Hopper book coming? Did you know that it's currently available for pre-sale? Did you know that it's Brazelton's first Theater Hopper collection? Did you know that there's a street team promotion going on, where you can win prizes--fabulous prizes!--just for whoring out the Theater Hopper book? All true!

In addition to marketing Tom's initial book collection, we'll also be posting to the big list the webcomic of every member of Boxcar Comics, the collective to which Theater Hopper belongs. Why? Because we're just that sweet. And we're desperate for people to like us.

And on a somewhat related side note, no, I will not be giving Tom's cell phone number away.

For less than $100.


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