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Monday, March 20, 2006

When a Troll meets a Jackass, coming through the rye...

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:32 AM
ComicsEveryone seems to be chiming in on the current storyline over at PvP. Scott Kurtz has been on a cheesy 80's movie storylines kick lately, with time-travelling in a Delorean and the current homage to "Freaky Friday" with Skull and Brent switching bodies. It's fun to watch and see Scott take his characters through these situations. It's even more entertaining knowing what the outcome could be, and actually seeing Scott take you in a completely different direction. It's part of why he's so popular.

However, no one seems to be asking the really important questions. That's been left to us here at the Evil Network to do. We ask the questions no one else will ask (because those questions are likely slightly retarded).

In any case, most of us knew already (prior to Scott's news posting on 3/13) that Max can't see Skull. Most of us also already knew why. Max is completely and totally self-centered. The idea of a troll doesn't fit within his narrow-minded view of the world. So, here's an interesting thought. If Max came across Skull and Brent as they are right now, which one would he NOT be able to see? Realize, it's Brent's soul that exists within Skull's shell. Skull's soul exists within Brent's shell. Would Brent's soul in Skull's body humanize him enough to allow Max to see him? How would Skull in Brent's body act around Max?

I know. It's a stupid question. But shouldn't we be thinking about the stupid questions, too? Because, that's where the love is. It's in the stupid questions.

Yeah, I hate me, too. Discuss!

3/20/2006 7:52 PM: Blogger Peter C. Hayward said...

It's not likely that Max believes in souls, either. I reckon he'll only be able to see Brent's body, regardless of what it does. He'll be able to justify it.

I think that a more interesting question is "Would he be able to see Skull driving the car?"

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