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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Star Wars Television Series Official

Posted by Nathaniel at 12:33 PM
Movies and TelevisionSo, evidently they're going through with it. Lucas will be directing. Don't get your hopes up.
"Hopefully if we can make it work and everybody's excited and watches it we will keep on going," said McCallum. The series will be set between episodes three and four of the film saga. It would cover the 20 years in the life of Luke Skywalker growing up that remains a mystery to most film-goers. McCallum said there would be "a whole bunch of new characters" and the series would be "much more dramatic and darker".
So, basically, we've got a Star Wars show with no jedi. Yeah. I'm picturing the Star Wars version of "Smallville", which I watched until about halfway through the second season, when I suddenly realized it was pure WB teen angst drivel, but with kryptonite! This will be pure WB teen angst drivel, but with references to Tatooine!

I shudder to think.


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