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Sunday, March 12, 2006

New James Bond movie to suck

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:47 PM
Movies and TelevisionThe new James Bond movie may well end up being a steaming pile of waste. While I'm the first to encourage "shaking things up", so to speak (being a proponent of shaking, not stirring, of course, and yes, I'm aware that that's not really all that funny of a joke), this recent news just does not bode well for the Bond franchise.

No Q? No Moneypenny? James Blonde? Making mistakes? I'm sorry, but this franchise is a god damned sacred epic. You don't mess with sacred territory. That's why they call it sacred.
But on the way to being the smooth, unruffled, lady-killer 007 fans have grown accustomed to, Craig as the first blond Bond, will clearly show a more human side. "The great thing about it is that he makes mistakes and screws up. Bond finds violence hard to take, he won't admit to that. He has to do two killings, one is very messy. He falls in love with a girl, genuinely falls in love," said Campbell.
I'm not making this up. It makes me want to scream profanities. This is tantamount to making Mario star in a dance dance revolution-style game. Oh, wait. Well, it's still a fairly oddball way to play the master of smooth spy operators.

The jury is still out, I suppose. Like all things that loom foreboding on the horizon, I will wait to see it for myself before truly proclaiming this potential monstrocity an actual beast of destruction.

3/12/2006 7:11 PM: Anonymous Kevin said...

Whatever happens I am certain that it won't be as good as SUPERMAN RETURNS, due out June 30th!

I hear that it is going to be REALLY good stuff. Just a prediction.

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3/13/2006 9:54 AM: Blogger Nathaniel said...

You're such a whore.

And that's why I like you.

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