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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Keeping those superhero/supervillain secret relationships in check

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:00 PM
For those playing at home, you may or may not need a quick recap of the complicated interpersonal relationships represented in Evil, Inc. You see, there's Miss Match. She's a supervillain. Then there's Captain Heroic. He's a superhero. And, well, they're married. To each other. And since no one else knows their alter-ego identities, no one is keen to the fact that there's a superhero and a supervillain sharing a bed.

No one knows. Not even the villainous Evil, Inc. crew. Brad Guigar's cleverly-placed punchline on today's comic brilliantly illustrates how they've been keeping such an enormous secret, but the fact that this storyline is appearing does not bode well. If comic books have taught us anything, it's that superheroes can have a hard time keeping their personal life personal. An interesting storyline in any comic story is one where the possibility of a superhero's identity is in danger of being revealed. I'm throwing caution to the wind and predicting such a storyline is coming upon us here at Evil, Inc. I think Guigar is preparing us for a huge upset in the Evil, Inc. universe. I believe we shall soon be seeing certain members of Evil, Inc. discovering the truth of Miss Match and Captain Heroic's relationship, and we'll be forced to watch helplessly as their family is put in danger, and life becomes harrowing and upredictable.

But it will be likely one of the most entertaining reads this year.

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