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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Discoveries: Savage Chickens and Robot Comix

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:22 PM
ComicsTwo discoveries today, both noted for their eloquent simplicity and humorousnessocity.

The first is Savage Chickens by Doug Savage. Gag-a-day chickens. Drawn on a Post-it® note. All you purist unbelievers who feel that any gag-a-day webcomic that utilizes animals in any form is a blatant Far Side copy should check out Savage Chickens and see the artform become original once more.

The other is Robot Comix by Ben (the only creator info available is his first name) and it has just as simple and magnificent a premise as Savage Chickens. It's robots. Drawn on graph paper. And it's beautiful to behold. Even when characters are making unpatriotic statements against our nation.

Two discoveries I've made recently that are definitely worth a look. Savage Chickens is daily, Monday through Friday, and Robot Comix is posted whenever Ben damn well gets around to it, which lately has been sparse, at best, due to technical difficulties. But as with all gems of webcomic goodness on the internet, the archives are still fun to sift through.


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