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Thursday, March 23, 2006

A company that buys your contact info

Posted by Nathaniel at 8:58 AM
InternetSoftwareIf Mike Arrington thinks it's a bad idea, then it has to be a really, really bad idea. It just sounds so completely off the wall, I'm wondering if it's an April Fool's joke that accidentally went public. A company called Jigsaw will pay people to load up their address book. Then, they make the data available for download by anyone with less than half a heart and no brain. It's colossally fearsome to even imagine this sort of thing not only exists, but is actually attempting to pass itself off as a valuable tool.

Yeah, it's a tool, all right. The next story you hear regarding Jigsaw will be the class-action lawsuit once this hits the public wavelength and all those powerful executives who didn't realize their contact info was out there whip their lawyers into a frenzy. That backlash should be fun to watch.


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