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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Beyond Good & Evil sequel (potentially) in development

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:54 PM
GamingThis is GREAT news. Fantastic news. I want to kiss the man at Ubisoft reponsible for this news. Beyond Good & Evil remains one of my favorite games on my GameCube, and here's hoping that the alleged Revolution sequel is just as engrossing and enchanting as the original.
Apparently, this new game - which has supposedly been in development for a few months - will carry forward much of the gameplay of the original title, but JeuxPo stated at least one noticeable difference: the main character Jade will have the ability to travel to other planets.
So, it sounds as though you get to start this game with your father's spaceship from the first game. Which, by all accounts, would indeed rock greatly.

Here's hoping this news is, in fact, correct.


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