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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Shadow of the Colossus review

Posted by Dacquin at 6:22 PM
GamingFrom the makers of Ico, we now have Shadow of the Colossus. I’ve heard a few things good and bad about this game, and since I’ve played Ico, I thought that this deserved a go. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this game a lot more than Ico, not to say that Ico is a bad game, but the puzzles are much more fun to play here, especially since they’re alive.

The story is very simple, boy loses girl, boy wants girl back, boy makes deal with godlike voice to kill sixteen colossi to bring her back. Complicated, huh? As in Ico, if you want the rest of the story, you have to beat the game and watch the ending, but trust me when I say you’ll have fun reaching that ending.

You have three things to help you in this game: your horse, the Ancient sword, and your bow and arrow. To go find the colossus you’re looking for, you must use the Ancient sword to guide you to it. Since the field is vast, you’re going to use your horse to get to far away places and help you in defeating the colossi. Your bow and arrow, while not powerful, will help agitate the colossus so you can get his attention. Then, when you reach his vital point(s), you have to destroy it with the ancient sword.

That’s where the puzzle comes in. No two colossi are alike in how to defeat them. You have to find how to defeat them by watching them, observing your surrounds, and finding their weak points. The sword will help you in locating them, but to get to those points isn’t easy. You have a limited amount of stamina that prevents you from holding on to a colossus for so long. You also have a small health bar to live by, because a colossus isn’t going to let you take its life that easy.

It’s a VERY beautiful game. There are some colossi that are absolutely breathtaking to see, that it’s almost a shame you have to kill them. The arenas where you fight each colossus is unique and interesting to battle in. The trips to get to those places will involve letting you view gorgeous mountainsides, beautiful fields, deserts, and forests. It’s a wonderful environment that the team that created it definitely took their time in developing it.

So, what wrong with the game you might say? Some of the colossus are hard to destroy, and by that, I mean that they’re tough. Finding their weakness is a bear to do. Also, your stamina will cause you to fall from the colossus, having you start back from the beginning to kill them.

Some fun extras that are included in the game are time trials. After you beat the game, you can replay it and they’ll give you limited stamina and health to destroy the colossus. For every two you kill, you gain an item to help you against fighting the colossi. Also, you’re introduced to a hard mode, and that really doesn’t need explaining.

We need more fun puzzle games like this. Honestly, this is an incredible game. 8.7/10


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