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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Personal Feelings toward Guitar Hero

Posted by Dacquin at 5:18 PM
I had some things I wanted to point out some things about Guitar Hero that aren’t guidelines, but are personal feelings about the game.

1. You’ve failed the song if you don’t nail the final note. Sure you passed the song, but come on, if you screw up that final note, no one should be clapping for you. You didn’t end the song properly. BOO!!! (Just to let you know, I’ve failed many songs that way, so that goes for me too)

2. If you don’t hit the first note on Iron Man, start over. I’ve seen people play this song and not hit the first note. There’s a whammy bar on this controller for a reason! You use it for the first notes of this song. To neglect it’s usage for this song is a crime. Restart.

3. Don’t try Expert until you nail Hard. Trust me. If you want proof, try Spanish Castle Magic on Hard, then Expert. I refuse to try Expert again until I can do a decent job on Hard. Of course, trying to do Hendrix isn’t a walk through the park. Anyway, you should be playing left handed on this particular song, so it wouldn’t be easy for anyone who’s a righty. (For those uncultured rock people, Hendrix was a lefty.)

4. On that same note, don’t play Hard until you do well on Medium. You need to practice doing well with those four buttons before you even think about tacking a fifth one onto your problems. When you reach Hard, you’re going to have to pull off a few small riffs that’ll include that button and you’re gonna suck if you haven’t practiced moving those fingers.

5. Don’t wait for the groupies. It says on the career mode that I paid for them, but I don’t see them anywhere.


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