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Monday, January 30, 2006

Kotaku Looks at Shigureden

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:44 PM
GamingI had planned to post this here because it's definitely interesting and absolutely worth mentioning. Brian Ashcraft was tossing out entries every so often, and I was waiting for it to be completely finished before linking it. Luckily, it finished today, and Brian helpfully posted a linklist of the commentary.
Shigureden (Autumn Shower Palace) is a private museum maintained by a company of the same name, founded this January. Money from card game lovers, including Nintendo’s head honcho Hiroshi Yamauchi was used for funding.

“Hyakunin Isshu” is a poetry card game with 100 poems. Players search the poem cards and try to take it asap before their opponents. For the Japanese, having the ability to memorize all the poems means one has a good sense of beauty. At the museum, the cards will be displayed on the floor, and apparently, the game can be played with a customized DS.
Nintendo Finds Tradition in the Hills of Kyoto
Get Out Of Cities
How to Attract Loads of Old Folks
Japanese Do’s and Don’ts
Learn About Hyakunin Isshu
This DS Ain’t Sold in Stores
How to DS Navi
Granny Kicking Ass and Taking Names
Where’s Mario?
Poetry Readings
Here’s Mario
Card Playing Gets Nintendo VR
A Nintendo Well of Problems
Gamers Back in the Day
Sweating It Out

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