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Friday, January 06, 2006

Clickwheel 2.0 LIVE!

Posted by Nathaniel at 11:00 AM
ComicsT Campbell has unveiled a new and improved version of the Clickwheel iPod comic delivery service, and they're looking for more content:
Here's the crazy thing: everyone at the company freely admits that WE DON'T KNOW which kinds of comics are going to be most successful on the iPod. So go ahead and apply for an account now, while the applying's good!
There's some quality entertainment to be viewed there, including new material from DJ Coffman, Chris Crosby, Adrian Ramos, Tiffany Ross, and, of course, T Campbell. It's at least worth checking out, that is, if you have an iPod. Though I doubt this service is of much use to someone with an iPod Shuffle.


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