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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

BLAMIMATION® Labs - Imaginitaining® the Webifuture®

Posted by Nathaniel at 11:30 AM
ComicsLooks like the future has finally come. Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub have put togther a website for Blamimation that will eventually host tutorials for creating your own Flash-based webcomic animation. For now, it contains a note from world-reknowned Fantastician, Kris Straub:
BLAMIMATION(tm) is a landmark in IMAGINITAINMENT(tm) that uses specialized techniques to deliver an INCREDITRONIC(R) EXPERIENTATION(tm) unlike any other. It's beyond animation, it's beyond a still image. It's beyond the 20th century. It's just beyond.

It's like the internet just got a lame-ectomy.
Indeed it has, gentlemen. And yet, it appears as though some people just don't get it. Pity for them. The rest of us, however, are having a blast.

1/10/2006 1:04 PM: Blogger Tangent said...

No. I get it. I get that it's just not funny.

What Straub and Kurtz don't get is that they aren't masters of adlib comedy, but work best with a script and everything mapped out ahead of time.

If Kurtz had put the level of attention into Alive that he did with his normal comic, it would have been something great. Instead, it's three strikes (with the third Alive animation) and it's out.

Rob H.

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1/22/2006 7:42 PM: Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second that. It just doesn't work. Period.

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