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Friday, April 22, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution - Day 4 & 5

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:29 PM
by Dacquin

I’ve lost 3 pounds! Woohoo! That’s a plus for working my butt off this week at the bank and on DDR. I’m hoping to get to try Max 300 this weekend. It seems like it's the easiest Max and I can pull off. I could pull it off, I know I could. I just hope my eyes don’t get ahead of my feet and I just start stepping on steps that don’t exist. I have a tendency to do that.

I have a hard time trying to hit up and down arrows in sequence. Working out that bug in my brain right now. Double steps aren’t working out too well either. Despite how great someone can be in games, there’s always room for perfection. I have lots of room available.


Light Tip #1 (or Standard Tip)

Alrighty. I hope you found your center, because now, you’re never going to touch it ever again. The only time you’ll put your feet in the center now is to start out the song and that’s about it.

To start this exercise, don’t put on the game just yet and stand into the center of the pad. You can look down to make sure you’re hitting what you’re hitting accurately, but trust me, in a few days you’ll never look down. Put your left foot on the left and right on right. Now, randomly hit the arrows anyway you want, but make sure you hit only the arrows. Next, do some double stepping and then back to single stepping. Your foot should never hit the middle.

Now, play some light songs using this technique. Keep practicing.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution - Day 3

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:28 PM
by Dacquin

Okay, I'm fed up with playing on the Playstation 2 with my messed up pad. So, I've unplugged the pad and I now use Stepmania for exercise and practice. I turn off the losing feature so the game won't immediately end and try to hit the arrows. I won't be able to see what I hit, but I couldn't see what I hit on DDR Extreme, so I think this way is a lot better on me.

I also learned if I concentrate real hard, I can slow the arrows a little bit in my mind and step a little faster. Kinda like DDR Kung Fu. Helps on 9 footers, but of course, I wouldn't know if I'd win or not yet.


To help with the transition to Beginner to Light: Stepmania.

This is the program I talk about. The computer DDR. However, you need to find songs to play to and there are a few sites out there like BemaniStyle that have these files, but it's kinda illegal since you're downloading copyrighted mp3s.

But the main focus here is to help you play better. I never really played DDR but I played lots of Stepmania. I was able to play Light and skip Beginner immediately upon playing it for the first time. Playing Stepmania will help you watch for arrows and get your timing down.

Of course, it takes a little while to build up to Heavy. I never thought I'd be able to play that kinda of difficulty, but I finally got there.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution - Day 2

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:28 PM
by Dacquin

Note to self: Don't play DDR and then go to the gym. And don't do that after a strenuous day at work.

Needless to say, I'm in a bit of pain right now and tomorrow isn't going to help. I've got more work to do. I'll probably lose a pound or two this week, but at what cost. I'm probably going to be Stepmania-ing so I can keep my hand-eye up to par. Still frightened about the tourney.

Beginner Tip #2 (Beginner&Light actually)
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4

Some people don't have rhythm. Some people can't dance and it's funny to watch them dance. What do these peopl need? You need to capture the beat of the song they're listening to. If you follow the beat, you can hit your steps with better precision. Tap your feet to the song along with hitting the steps to better grasp that beat.

The higher the BPM (beats per minute) the more beats there'll be in the song. This is why playing slow songs first will help you recognize how fast the beat is and will help you further along in the game.

I say that this is a Beginner & Light tip. Learn the songs now, because once you get to Standard, you're going to deal with harder steps that will still follow the beat, but will include harder steps and when you hit Heavy, you'll have Chaos steps, which are 16th steps or steps that won't follow the song at all.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution Diary - Day 1

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:27 PM
by Dacquin

Keep in mind, I’ve played quite a bit on DDR, it’s just in these last two weeks I’m have left to practice, I need to keep focus on tournament gameplay. I’m reflecting on my DDR practices and things that I’ve learned through regular DDR gameplay and Stepmania, a PC simulator of DDR (I'll get futher into it later in the week).

Right now, I play 5 stages on DDR Extreme (Playstation 2 DDR game) back to back to build some stamina. Since the games will be randomized, I play a 9 footer, a 6 or 7 footer, and 8 footer, anther 6 or 7 footer, and finally, a tough 9 footer. I could have to play all 9 footers, or they could be easy 6 footers, you just never know with Random. Of course, I could be eliminated in the first round and this could all have went for nothing, but I try not to think that. I don't play all 9 footers because I'd run out of energy quickly and I know I won't have to play 9 footers all day long.

I need a metal pad. I play on soft pads all the time and I have nearly no experience w/ arcade pads. The closest pads are 20 minutes away and broken. I want to get Cobalt Flux pads in the future because they last the longest among regular pads, however I don't have $340 lying around. I doubt I ever will.

Anyway, I'm going to give the basic runaround of learning DDR throughout the next 2 weeks, starting with Beginner tips and ending with Challenge tips.


Beginner’s Tip #1
Starting a beginner isn’t a shameful thing. You have to start somewhere. And that somewhere is right in the middle. Stand in it. Embrace it. For now, as you begin to play, try to hit the arrows and put your feet right back into the middle. Every now and then, you’ll have to move both feet at the same time to hit some arrows and you might lose your center, but there are plenty of times in beginner songs to look back down on Beginner songs to make sure you’re back in the middle so you can accuractly hit your steps.

The purpose of doing this is that you’re starting to build your concept of the center of the pad. When you’re doing more difficult songs, you’re not going to have the privilege of getting to look down at arrows. When you've reached Heavy songs, you'll probably never look down again. But, for now, just concentrate on the middle.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution Postings

Posted by Dacquin at 8:28 PM
Okay, during the next two weeks, I'm preparing for a Dance Dance Revolution tournament that's going to happen at the University of Louisville. During these two weeks, I'm going to post daily in Evil Network Games about tips, tidbits on playing DDR and insights I make while preparing for the tourney. *edit* I said I did only 9 footers. If it was true, then I'd be passed out, plus my legs are killing me, so I don't know how much more I can take. *edit*

So, if you want to learn about DDR, read my posts for the following weeks. And if by some weird chance you live in Louisville, go to the University of Louisville in the Student Activities Center May 1st. At about 3:30, the fun'll start.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Am I in Awe? Amazed? Amused?

Posted by Dacquin at 9:47 PM
I've been playing Dance Dance Revolution for a while, my pads are breaking down meaning I probably shouldn't have bought them off of Ebay. I've learned there are tournaments out there where people impress other people by dancing to certain tunes on DDR and, it's pretty hilarious. I mean, they must've practiced hard and it's impressive, but... Oh just go to the site. At the very least, it's entertaining.

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