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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A quick short story.

Posted by Dacquin at 8:45 PM
I wrote a story very quickly trying to impress a friend on how my mind works in creating a story in a flash. He titled the story Monster Doughnut, but I called it Two Keys.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

We don't qualify at ANY level of the tier

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:40 PM
Evidently ConnectiCon is hoping to keep out the riff-raff this year. They're implementing a tiered rewards system that distributes free bonuses and con accomodations based on your website's daily unique IP address total.
1,000+ UIP/Day you will receive a free 3-Day membership to ConnectiCon 2005.

5,000+ UIP/Day you will receive a free Artist's Colony Space (includes a 3-Day membership).

10,000+ UIP/Day you will receive a free Artist's Colony Table (includes two 3-Day memberships)

25,000+ UIP/Day you will receive a free Artist's Colony Table, Green Room access and some help with travel expenses (gas, tolls) and depending on available space a place to sleep and shower.

50,000+ UIP/Day you will receive a free Dealer's Room Booth, four 3-Day memberships, Green Room access, all travel expenses and 4-Nights hotel accommodations (Thursday - Sunday)

This seems like an excellent way to attract the heavy hitters; even cartoonists that usually shy away from events such as these almost religiously might be tempted to sign up with offers like this. ConnectiCon definitely gets an A for effort for attempting to snare the big timers with this deal.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Heavy Weapon

Posted by Dacquin at 3:31 PM
Popcap, man. It comes out with such addicting games. I'm sure you all know it by know, but finally they came out with a violent game! Woohoo! (I haven't checked Popcap in 3 months, due to a Typer Shark addiction I had)

The game I'm advertising is called Heavy Weapon and I love it. You control a tank and you have to shoot many different air vehicles that shoot missiles and lasers at you. You can collect many power ups like homing missiles, lasers, spread fire, and nukes. I wish the Deluxe games weren't $20....

Happy Easter. Don't eat too much chocolate or else.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Nostalgia and why I haven't done that comic I talked about.

Posted by Dacquin at 7:13 PM
I'm sick. So, basically doing any type of work is very discomforting. Working is unbearable. And I can't stand being on the computer. So, until I have a moment of well-being, I'm not drawing squat. Sorry.

While watching The Last Starfighter, I started chatting with Savage Alien about Commander Keen. That sparked an interest in all the old games I loved to play on my old Packard Bell. I learned that Commander Keen is downloadable on 3DRealms, but it costs money. All of their old DOS games are downloadable for at least $10 a pop. All their video games put together, they're not worth that. BAD 3DREALMS!

But if you're looking for other old games, I have to bring up The Home of the Underdogs. It's basically a mecca of old video games, and they have quite a few available for downloading.

Now, if you excuse me, I'm going back to bed.


Friday, March 18, 2005

My past is coming back to haunt me......

Posted by Dacquin at 7:53 AM
I posted recently that I'd be doing comics for Evil Network, and I'll start doing random ones on Monday (woohoo!). Then, a part of my history with webcomics creeped up with a recent email that started:

"I like your parody of Ace of Base for Resident Life comics".

And it came back to punch me in the face.

I like Ace of Base.

Wait, I mean, I wrote parodies for webcomics in order to get people to come to read my webcomic. Right now, I'm going through all my archives of my comics (not suggestable *ugh*) and seeing if I still have: A. the parodies and B. the recordings. I did three recordings for webcomics and the most famous was for Real Life Comics. 5 minutes of my 15 minutes of fame came from that.

Anyway, I talked to Savage Alien about the email, and he ENCOURAGED me to continue doing it. So, if there are any suggestions of comics and songs that should be parodied, pass them along. Try to avoid Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson as that will instantly NOT make we want to do new parodies. If I find my old parodies, I'll post them up.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Neil Gaiman Auction to Support the CBLDF

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:08 PM
Evidently Neil Gaiman--one of my favorite authors--is suffering from a bit of writer's block. He's having a difficult time coming up with an appropriate name for a cruise ship in his upcoming novel, Anansi Boys. His solution? Auction it off! He has an auction up on eBay, and the highest bidder gets to name the cruise ship after whatever his/her/its precious heart desires. And the best part: all proceeds are being donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

The first post on Pencil Network

Posted by Dacquin at 9:32 PM
Hey, I'm finally using Pencil Network! For now, it's for nostalgic reasons. The people curious what me doing a webcomic would look like, now's your chance to see a portion of it. I'm only posting the decent ones, because due to my inexperience with comics, I made a LOT of bad comics.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Meet the new Link

Posted by Nathaniel at 7:51 PM
I've always been a huge Nintendo fan. Not a fanboy, but simply a fan. Being a fan of Nintendo means you have a great interest in their intellectual property, and you've probably played every conceivable incarnation of Mario, Zelda, and Metroid created.

Dacquin left his mark a little while back with a scathing dispatch on sequels, particularly Nintendo sequels. I agreed with everything he said, and I still do, but my feelings towards how I look at the sequel in general changed the second I saw the new Zelda trailer.

Feast your eyes upon its excellence. For an appetizer, imagine--if you are capable--Legend of Zelda meets Resident Evil. Quality, marvelous, glorious, fantastic quality. If this isn't innovation, I don't know what is.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Postponing my ideas for other things

Posted by Dacquin at 7:08 AM
Hey, as you guys have figured out I haven't been really keeping up with doing gaming reviews. That's basically since I really don't feel a need to do it, I just don't do it. Plus there's no real comedy in writing gaming reviews, and since my online personality reflects a strange sense of humor, I like to project that as much as possible, and it's hard to project that in writing a gaming review.

I would get into posting about new webcomics, but it takes a lot to impress me nowadays. Basically, it can't be about gaming, nudity, anime, or lots of violence. And that leaves me with one comic I read that doesn't involve those.

I'm going to try and post some of my own comics in the near future onto Evil Network, but don't expect great comics. Ask Doc. Setebos, Arsh, or SA. My drawing is really sub-par and my main source of humor comes from puns. I hated art when I was a kid, but I wanted to do a webcomic and no artists were available for me.

I'll post an example of my old comics later on today just to give you an example. I can hear Doc. running as we speak.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nintendo 'Revolution' Details

Posted by Nathaniel at 8:21 PM
So, Iwata has given his keynote address at this year's highly-anticipated GDC, and it was--as expected--simply astounding. As a long-time fan of everything Nintendo, I admit that even I have been skeptical about this mysterious Revolution console, details being horrendously cryptic and instilling fear and doubt deep into the dedicated gaming core of even the most staunch Nintendo fanboy/supporter.

But now it seems our fears have been eleviated, at least for the time being. It appears as though the Revolution will be backwards-compatible to the GameCube, an intelligent direction for Nintendo to go given the success Sony had with this moving from Playstation 1 to 2.

Not only that, but the Revolution will be wireless internet accessible right out of the box. Iwata also outlined details on a WiFi network for the Nintendo DS, likely akin to Xbox LIVE, only in the handheld arena. It is speculated that with both WiFi announcements coming so close together, there is the potential for cross-platform gaming, but no such possibility was actually discussed or demonstrated.

I have to say, until today, I was just about writing Nintendo off for the next generation. I was considering just getting the NextBox, or Xbox360, or whateverBox, and sticking with Nintendo's handhelds for the future. But now, they have my curiosity most understandably piqued.

Tune in for more details. Hopefully here. Maybe elsewhere. I'll let you know.

Monday, March 07, 2005

All Points Bullet-IN!

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:55 PM
Not much to talk about. Really just wanted to point out to those who might be interested that Kris has started up a much anticipated third helping of Hard Action Squad, his excellent "Checkerboard Nightmare-ish" take on 80s TV. Great stuff! Make sure you keep up on the continuing storyline by reading part one and subsequently, part two.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Free addictive games.

Posted by Dacquin at 7:54 PM
First off, friends don't let friends who already has a lot of games to beat offer addicting games that prevent him from playing the aforementioned games.

I have an online friend who rivals my gaming skills. So, he hooks me up with a lot of my gaming info. The latest thing he showed me was this website of shooting games. I heavily recommend Warning Forever. I've gotten extremely hooked on this game, so much so that I had to remind myself I have to work tomorrow in order to stop myself playing.

Now, I need to get back to my games....

Friday, March 04, 2005

Final Fight Review (NES)

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:27 PM
by Dacquin


For some reason, arcade ports are always missing something. I bought Final Fight expecting arcade-quality gaming. To this day, I’ll replay the game, and I still don’t get much of a kick out of it. But, back then, this was a very popular game.


Through replaying this game, I feel it receives

2.3/5.0 No real lasting value to me, despite the fact I’ll still play it over and over again.

First off, no Guy. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! You can play as either the muscle-laden mayor Haggar or the fast fisted Cody. Guy was the medium guy who had some muscle and some speed. Since there wasn't him, I docked my score. The story is that you have to rescue Haggar’s daughter from Belgar, who has taken her hostage. I can kinda imagine this kind of scenario since Arnold Schwartzingger came to be an important public figure. Wouldn't that be cool?

Playing the game, your characters seem a little slow and while enemies can run, you can’t. The game is a has two buttons that allows you to either jump and punch. You can do so much with this!!!! *sarcasm* Alongside redundant punching, you fight many redundant enemies. There are about 7 groups of enemies: fatsos, druggies, musclemen, henchmen, knife guys, punks, and Andres. To spice up originality, they have a variety of these groups that you’ll take on, but there’ll still be a redundant feel to it.

I’m saying redundant a lot, but that’s what it is. Once, you get the gist of all the enemies you fight, all that’s left in variety is fighting the end bosses. Some of the bosses are easy to fight, while others are near impossible to beat without losing a few lives. Also, trying to hit some mini-bosses and bosses is hard or impossible to do, making you scream at your TV screen. You get five stages of this kind of fighting.

What DOES the game have going for it? It’s wonderful graphically for it’s time period. It kept a bit of the graphic quality of the arcade the best that it could. In using the cheat code (Hold L&R on title screen and press Start), you can make your game harder by changing the amount of energy enemies have and the amount of enemies there are.

Just playing games today, there seems to be a better way of keeping your interest in a fighting game. However, due to the slowness of the game, the lack of fighting moves you can do, and the small amount of things to keep your interest, there’s not much to brag about with this game. And for some reason, every year, I’ll play it over again like the crazy deranged person I am. It's not a bad game, it's just not captivating enough to hold anyone's interest.

Oh, and the person at Capcom who thought it'd be funny that if you'd eat Edi.E's chewed gum and you'll get full health is a sicko.

Beat on the Beaterator

Posted by Nathaniel at 2:38 PM
This is possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen posted to the internet. Mix samples of drum beats and synth recordings with loop collections created by some great DJs. I played with it for about an hour and didn't even scratch the surface of what it can do. It may appear unwieldly to anyone who's never played with multitrack interfaces before, but play around with it for a little while, it's quite intuitive.

Rockstar's Beaterator

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Contest #1 - Video Game Stories

Posted by Dacquin at 10:53 AM
We all know you have them, don’t deny it. You have those video game stories that you like to brag about to other geeks. The time when you came so close to losing, and then you came back to take the win from your opponent. Or there was a game so intense, that when you won, and how you won, have stuck in your mind. Those stories where you just had seconds to spare and you barely pulled it off.

We want to hear your stories. But, of course, don't make it mundane. Make this story into an epic story about your triumph over the game. When you create your story, post it on the Evil Network Games post featuring one of my stories I wrote. The top three stories will be chosen between the Evil Network staffers and there will be a public vote on which story is the best.

The top story will receive a $10 gift certificate to and will be published on the Pencil Network.

The deadline for the story is March 23rd. Voting will last a week afterwards and the winning story. Good luck!

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