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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Webhead: Top 5 Webcomic Troublemakers

Posted by Nathaniel at 4:12 PM
ComicsI'm reluctant to post to this column, possibly due to the fact that I'm largely appalled by its content, and even though it's intended to educate "comic book readers" on the marvelous world of webcomics, it's apparently only appealing to current webcomic readers. Go figure.

But in Manley's current column, he's going over the hit list of the top five webcomic drama "troublmakers", which is an interesting path to go down having introduced your "audience" to webcomics just two columns ago. That said, I overwhelmingly agree with his list, including his narrow exclusion of Straub. Yeah, I love the guy, but he just isn't instigating like he used to.

In any case, everyone else is linking to this, so, you know, trying to stay topical here. The kids love that these days, apparently.


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