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Monday, December 12, 2005

Virtua Fighter 4 Hack Review

Posted by Dacquin at 7:17 AM
GamingVirtua Fighter 4 is a game that I still can't grasp. I played Virtua Fighter in the arcade, so I thought buying this would be worthwhile. Plus, Game Rankings gave it a 92%. I, myself, give it nothing more than a 5%, hence why I'm doing a hack review. If you can't hold my interest for more than one hour, you've failed me as a game.

Virtua Figher is one of the many fighter games that exist today. One thing that I can't stand is the unbelievable amount of moves each character has. I like Street Fighter's easy button mashing and Soul Calibur's weapon usage, but Virtua Fighter doesn't deliver in my opinion. Virtua Figher characters are so complex, you'd probably only want to stick with one character rather than learn all about each individual one. I, personally, can't stand that. It didn't even seem like a fun arcadish type of fighting to me.

After boredom of trying to play the Arcade part of VF4, I went to Kumite to try that out. It's basically a city where you play at many arcades which have VF4 against, at first, newbies and then more experienced players. I quit this after a bit. The first challenge is beating fifteen people in order to open another arcade. After three matches, I wanted to quit and was told that I'd have to redo the challenge if I left. So, I did.

I played some Soul Calibur 2 and some more Street Fighter to try and get some juices flowing. I went back to VF4 and I still couldn't get into it.

Virtual Fighter 4 - FAILED


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