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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kurtz Thumps Manley on the Webhead

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:27 AM
ComicsAnd the world rejoices:
When given the opportunity to present our community to the world, why in the HELL would Joey decide to display us at our worst? The drama and infighting and petty bullshit that the best of us participate in all too often? Joey, that's what you want the world to know about webcomics? What were you thinking, dude?
I came to the same conclusion last night. I was even tempted to remove my previous post. But then I saw Scott Kurtz post his wonderfully eloquent rant to Manley on his site, and figured it better to simply quote him. However...
Look, I didn't vote for any of these guys to be my representation or PR manager to the rest of the world. It really irks me how so many of them have just stepped up and taken ownership of that role. From the public displays of dirty laundry to the self-important internalization and faux critical review of the work that's out's all making me sick to my stomach. Can't you guys just let the work speak for itself? Seriously. The comics are going to do a much better job than you guys ever could.
Yeah, he's talking about sites like the Evil Network and Websnark there. Ouch.

Crawling into hole...


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