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Monday, December 19, 2005 down, my bookmarks...gone

Posted by Nathaniel at 11:53 AM
InternetThis really shouldn't be news, honestly. Except that I'm personally in a unique situation with regards to the status of Don't bother to follow the link at the moment; their site is currently down.

When I first discovered, I thought it was actually too cumbersome to be useful. I thought that the benefit to bookmarks were that they were easy to get to, not randomly posted to some slow-moving website. I understand there's some social aspect to the bookmarking site; if you're specifically interested in such things, more to you. Not me. I wanted bookmarks.

I was ready to write the site off as not for me, when I discovered their RSS feeds. Their RSS feeds for every category and/or combination of categories for your bookmarks. The site gained new credibility for me, and I gained insight into its usefulness.

I thought I was being adequately nerdy when I captured the RSS feeds via Firefox's live RSS bookmark functionality, and taking those categories of bookmarks I had posted to the site, and turning them into my own personal bookmarks stored in the Firefox browser. For example, my bookmarks for daily webcomics. It was brilliant in its simplicity. Everytime I added a site to one of my categories in, it was also automatically added to my Firefox browser live RSS feed, and subsequently, to my Firefox bookmarks toolbar. This process works great.

Until went down. Now, I have no bookmarks. At all. The 100+ webcomics I read daily? I can only remember about a third of the URLs. It's atrocious, really. So, I'm no longer a big proponent of this process, as slick as it seemed at first.

In any case, I'm really behind on life in general at the moment. I'll get back to you later, approximately one to one-and-a-half hours after comes back online.

12/20/2005 4:35 AM: Blogger Mind Valley said...

Well, outages can happen, that is just part of the development and technology adoption curve. Remember the eBay outages in the late 90's?

In any case, given your passion, I was hoping that you might like to give a try. We are still a relatively new and young service but we are hard at work on if you check us out, I would love to hear your thoughts. Whether you decide to adopt us or not, every feedback is very valuable.

Oh yeah, no need to start over. Just import your links from Hope to hear from you. Mike

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