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Monday, December 05, 2005

Dandy & Company to close for now

Posted by Dacquin at 5:13 AM
Comics*sigh* One of my favorite strips has called it quits, for now. My recent interview subject for Zoinks!, Derrick Fish, creator of Dandy & Company, feels that he's unable to produce the good quality Dandy that he wants to create right now and is bringing Dandy to a halt.

While he might be down, he's not entirely out. What he is going to do is start to rerun the archives of Dandy & Co. next week and will continue to update the site and keep posting on the forums to update people on the current situation of the comic.

We'll be ready to read again when you decide to come back, Derrick!

12/05/2005 9:54 AM: Blogger Nathaniel said...

This honestly doesn't surprise me. What actually surprises me is why Derrick didn't stop back in July when his marriage started to fall apart. Derrick has been faithful to his audience during an extremely stressful and difficult time in his life that he has been open and honest about. I think with all the hard times he's gone through, the man definitely deserves a break. While I'm sad to see D&C go away for a while, I fully expect Derrick to return; and hopefully with fresh ideas, styles, and a renewed spirit.

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12/06/2005 8:16 AM: Blogger BoneMan said...

Deserves a break indeed! Dandy & Company's hiatus will leave a huge hole in the webcomics world, but I am confident that we'll be treated with brand-spanking new Dandy-tales sometime in 2006.

There is still Derrick's upcoming TAILS TO AMAZE comic book series to get hooked on in the meantime.

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12/22/2005 2:05 PM: Anonymous Derrick Fish said...

Thanks, folks. I actually really wanted to take a break from "Dandy and Co." when this all DID go down in July, but I was in the middle of the biggest storyline I had done. I was afraid that If I took a hiatus in mid-plot, that if I ended up staying away for too long, I'd never finish that storyline, and I couldn't leave the readers in the lurch like that.

As it is, there's no real plot holes needing to be filled, so it was a good time to step back and regroup.

Thanks again for all the support.

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