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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Posted by Dacquin at 6:23 AM
ComicsOk, this is awesome. Incredible. Spectacular. And the trailer is... AWESOME!!! Ctrl-Alt-Del is becoming animated. I can hear angels singing somewhere right now.

Well, now to the bad news (isn't that always the way?). These monthly (oh yes, monthly) episodes are $2.99 for each. Ctrl-Alt-Del is starting a premium package that lets people who want the exclusive content, such as sketches, wallpapers, and the ability to sign up for special contest, to purchase a premium membership for this deal.

We'll still get Ctrl-Alt-Del comics for free, but man, animated Ctrl-Alt-Del? That makes me curious enough to cough up $2.99. I'd probably waste it on fast food anyway. However, you can buy a full yearly package for $19.99. Oh man..... video game, yearly subscription... video game, yearly subscription....

12/01/2005 9:24 AM: Blogger Nathaniel said...

I dunno. While this is definitely cool news, I'm just not the fan of CAD that I used to be. The jokes are starting to get lame (when they aren't obvious rip-offs of Penny Arcade), and the game references are really forced anymore (so much that people are noticing.

And Buckley isn't exactly one of my favorite web cartoonists. He's not one to cater to fans. A while back, one of his fans took a CAD comic and turned it into a skit for a high school class. When he posted the video of it to the internet and mentioned it in the CAD forums (giving CAD full credit for the idea--he only used it since he was a huge fan), Buckley railed against the guy, saying that if he didn't take it down, he'd sue his ass off. I know Buckley has full authority to deny someone the right to do what this kid did, that just isn't how you treat your fans.

Case in point, the Penny Arcade guys actually encourage this sort of behavior. That just shows you who knows how to take care of their fan base.

I'm just completely turned off of CAD anymore, but it looks like I'm in the minority, cause he still has a thriving mass of fans. I guess they're just blind to his lack of original thought.

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12/01/2005 11:21 AM: Blogger Dacquin said...

Well, I think the idea that a comic is finally getting animated is a cool step into making our webcomics that much more innovated. It'll definately be a little more progressive, albiet I wish it was PvP.

I didn't know about that incident myself. I think that's pretty sad, but when you say that he copies from Penny Arcade, I find CAD funny, while I haven't laughed at PA for a the last three months. I feel it's just a string of explicatives tied with a gaming theme.

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12/06/2005 8:28 AM: Blogger BoneMan said...

Sadly, it's no hidden secret that I don't read the big gaming comics that often (other than to marvel in their popularity and bow in respect of their marketing practices) but I'm with Dac, anything that moves webcomics towards innovation is cool in my books.

The preview animation looked pretty snappy.

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