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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Not what I would've done if I bought an Xbox 360

Posted by Dacquin at 12:17 PM
GamingWell, I think human nature has met some people devoid of common sense and people who took part of this must be.

People donated money to this cause, so that someone could wait out in the cold for 55 hours, buy an Xbox, and then smash it in front of people. What purpose has this served?

A. You just deprived someone of buying an Xbox 360 that they would've used.

B. You still payed Microsoft for it. You didn't stick it to the man and, instead, bought one.

C. You deprived a charity in the world that has a worthier cause of $400.

In essence, what have you accomplished? Absolutely nothing. Way to go. I don't think watching someone smash an Xbox 360 is a worthwhile donation.

11/23/2005 7:56 PM: Blogger Nathaniel said...

When his server comes back online ("if" would probably fit better here), you'll note that this guy also plans to do the same thing with a Sony PS3 and a Nintendo Revolution. He's already previously smashed an Apple iPod.

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