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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Jack Thompson Getting Beaten Up at

Posted by Nathaniel at 10:09 PM
GamingBooks and LiteraturePeople who know me know that I'm no fan of Mr. Jack Thompson. So, please believe me when I say that I take very little enjoyment out of defending him.

Gamepolitics is reporting that Thompson's new book Out of Harm's Way (or rather, the book's page on Amazon's website) is being hijacked by people trying to destroy any credibility Thompson still retains. Basically, people who don't agree with Thompson's legal threats against the gaming industry are leaving hastily-written, nasty "reviews" of his book, cross-linking his book with unrelated sexual materials, and posting humorous but fairly inappropriate images to his book page. Here is my message to the idiots participating in this desecration.


People, look at what you're doing. Yes, I know, none of us agree with any thought or idea that crosses the man's feeble mind, but stop this. This is not how we fight our fights, people. We fight them like civilized adults, in the court system, in the consumer aisles, in the back alleys (no wait, forget I said that last one). But honestly, we do not break's rules and fight dirty like this. This is not helping our cause--this is making us look worse.

Keep in mind that in order for us to win this fight, we have to have more credibility in the eyes of the general public than Thompson. Right now he looks like an idiot, but you are making us look worse.

Stop. Please.

You are giving legitimacy to his claims. Right now, he can point to his book's page on and say to any respected journalist that will listen to him "See! I told you they are all vicious, uncaring snots! Now let me wipe them off the face of the earth!" and everyone will watch as he scours the surface of our world of any traces of our beloved entertainment industry. No, it will never be completely gone. But should he ever succeed, our industry as we currently know it may change drastically.

The worst mistake you could ever make is to convince yourself that it could never happen.

It could.


We don't fight like this. We have other ways. Go quietly into that dark night and let us retain some credibility to destroy Thompson in the court room and in the electronic stores.

I've said my piece.


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