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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In-game Explanation for Current CoH Woes

Posted by Nathaniel at 2:36 PM
GamingThe Paragon City Detective Agency is on the case, investigating the reasons behind the recent onslaught of nerfs and cumbersome lag in our favorite MMORPG, City of Heroes. Evidently, Portal Corp is to blame.
As a portal is opened, initially, a cascade wave effect is produced. The interface between one set of physical laws and another, bursts outwards from the portal. The War Walls around Paragon concentrate and contain the effect, and the physical laws of our universe are placed in violent upheaval as they are bombarded with quantum wave effects from the other universe. These effects are drastic and sudden, and for a period of time the entire region becomes unstable.
Fantastic and very well-written "article". I have no problem taking this as in-game "theory".


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