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Saturday, November 26, 2005

I must own Guitar Hero......

Posted by Dacquin at 5:53 PM
GamingFirst off, everyone's been raving about this game. I have yet to read one bad review of it. I've been waiting for it, but I don't have the money to get this lovely lovely game. I know I'll get it this month, but I finally got to try it today. Oh.... man....

I want to say that I do play some guitar, so I knew what the game was going to be like. I've played Amplitude, a game by Harmonix, the designer of Guitar Hero, so I knew what I would basically have to do in this game. But, I never imagined it would be so much fun.

Let me set the scene, I was dropped off at Best Buy while family was going to do some shopping at Hobby Lobby. Knowing I'd have lots of time to kill, I thought I'd play Metroid Pinball on the DS. Passing through the video game area, I saw they took down the Xbox 360 showcase and I saw Guitar Hero being played. I started going crazy inside my head, because I knew I would finally get my chance to play it.

There were four people there taking turns playing, so I was psychically trying to make their brains explode. No luck. So, I thought if I was patient enough, I would get my chance. Finally, one of the guys handed the guitar to me. Being the cocky guy I was, I though, #$@# easy, lets do medium. I have the experience.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Shot two ego points down the tube as I lost at 33% of the song. People came and left as I clamored for another shot, and I played Smoke on the Water on Easy. I blew that @$#$@ out of the park and impressed a few people standing nearby. Eventually everyone left, and I was alone w/ the game. I could've played that thing for hours, but I decided to try and regain some ego and played Take Me Out on medium. I passed. Then, I was forcibly removed out of Best Buy after smashing the guitar into the TV screen.

Just kidding.

This is a must own game. It will be mine. Oh, and the soundtrack rocks. There's no denying it.


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