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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Deal Reached to Keep DNS Servers in US Control

Posted by Nathaniel at 8:37 AM
InternetSitting in my inbox this morning was this news from a collegue in Europe. The US has reached an agreement with the rest of civilization that we get to retain control of the DNS servers/services that we created. It sure is nice of the world to allow us to do that. In exchange, a global internet forum will be created to hear grievances and concerns, but the forum will hold no power over the internet.
Under the terms of the compromise, the new group, the Internet Governance Forum, would start operating next year with its first meeting opened by Annan. Beyond bringing its stakeholders to the table to discuss the issues affecting the Internet, and its use, it won't have ultimate authority.

Gallagher said the compromise's ultimate decision is that leadership of the Internet, and its future direction, will remain in the hands of the private sector, although some critics contend that the U.S. government, which oversees ICANN, if only nominally, could still flex its muscle in future decisions.


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