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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution Episode 2

Posted by Dacquin at 6:36 AM
Three days away from my Dance Dance Revolution tourney. Soooooooo nervous. I’m trying to keep thinking I have great skills, but I know better. I’ve only played one year and there’s probably someone there that’s played it five that’s memorized every song on the list. Anyway….

Requirement 2: You’ve played through all the nine and ten footers.

You HAVE to have a knowledge of how these songs are played. There’s no fudging through stuff like this. Now, you might not have to play these songs, but not knowing these songs is dangerous if you have to play them. Passing them is a different story. If you’re playing at a tournament, should be able to pass nine footers and beat a ten footer. If you have trouble with a particular song, memorize the music in your head, go to, and look up the stepchart. Then, try your best to follow the music along with the stepchart. This way, you can figure out what parts of the songs you constantly mess up on and fix them accordingly.

Tip 2: Buy In The Groove

Now, you might be thinking, that’s not DDR! You’re right. However, if you want to improve on all aspects of your gameplay, you need to play In The Groove. ITG has songs that are much harder and slightly lengthier than DDR and will assist in improving your hand-foot coordination and stamina. However, you shouldn’t only play on Hard, you should tackle the Expert also. Songs like Xuxa, Charlene, and Euphoria are more energy hungry and will tire you more quickly than Max 300 and Paranoia Survivor.


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