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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Chris Crosby...Missing in Action!

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:51 PM
ComicsI'm not sure that this could be considered news perse, but it appears as though the man who hasn't missed a single update in several years...has missed an update. Besides being unimaginably and mercilessly knocked out of contention in Daily Grind, Crosby now has to face the fact that he has finally, unfortunately, and permanently lost his god-like status. Clearly, forsooth, he is but a mere sub-god.

Theories on this sudden disappearance (that suspiciously works in favor of several Daily Grinders) range from the common blizzard to the not-quite-so-common death by jelly doughnut. Abduction by aliens has not yet been ruled out.* Whatever the trial may be that he is experiencing, if he comes out of it alive, I promise to add every KeenSpot comic to the listing. More "news" as details "develop".

* yes it has

UPDATE: evidently, Darrin Bluel has been in contact with Chris and has posted news on Chris and Teri are indeed snowed in and fine, although they are currently without electricity OR heat and likely will be for about 3 more days. So, I guess I'll be getting started on listing those KeenSpot comics.


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