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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Greg Dean's going Culinary & needs help

Posted by Dacquin at 6:34 AM
ComicsI really don't believe Greg Dean's really a person, but an idea of a life I wish I could have. Being stuck in the basement of your parents seems like being the typical geek, or like being in jail w/ broadband.

Anyway, he's decided he's going to go to Culinary school in San Francisco. I keep thinking, will this guy ever stay in one place his whole life and live like a normal person? Then, I remind myself of my macked out crib in the basement and cry.

I doubt Greg Dean has asked for much from his fans until now. But now, in order to move to San Fran w/ Liz and follow his dream, he's asking for $25 in donations. In return, he will personally send you a Christmas card, hand-written, signed, with a small drawing inside it.

Here's to following your dream!


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