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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Evil Moments in Gaming History Ep. 1

Posted by Dacquin at 8:13 AM
I wanted to start a new section called Evil Moments in Gaming History, where I post and talk about different games and then list Evil Moments that are affiliated with it.

What's an evil moment you might ask? Evil moments are parts in video games that are too difficult that no matter what you do, how many continues you waste, it's just too tough. These moments are also parts of storylines in games that make you hate the programmers for having to create them. They can also be entire games that for some reason, God allowed them to exist and breathe life, creating havoc everywhere they go. Just about anything goes.

Today, I want to start with a evil game that everyone has tried. Bubble Bobble. A game that has more than one Evil Moment attached to it.

In Bubble Bobble, you play Bub or Bob, two dinosaurs that can trap enemies with bubbles and then pounce on them to destroy them. Your ladies have been kidnapped and you have to rescue them going through one hundred levels and facing off against the guy who took them. Easy, right?

Evil Moment #1: Level 57. The hardest level in the entire game to which there's no easy cure. All your enemies are on the top of the room and there's no way to reach them except blowing your own bubbles and jumping on them to reach the ceiling. To add salt to the wound, the enemies shoot bolts down out you, guaranteeing that you'll die more than once on your trip to destroying them. It takes plenty of lives and continues to beat it.

Evil Moment #2: Level 99. The crystal ball. Alongside killing the enemies in this level, you NEED to grab the crystal ball in order to get the good ending. It's not easy with enemies blocking the path and having a limited time to grab it. If you don't, restart the game with the password you should have saved for a time like this.

Evil Moment #3: Two players gets you the good ending. This is the only game I know of that in order to get the good ending, you have to have two players. You only have one player? Tough luck buddy, get a friend. The trick to this is easy though, just pause the game, use one of your extra lives to start up Player 2. However, when you get past problem #1 & #2 to get a bad ending, you'll scream obscenities wondering why, or at least I did.

You have an evil moment you'd like to get posted? Email me at and I'll see if your moment is truly evil.


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