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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution Tournament Episode #1

Posted by Dacquin at 4:30 PM
I'm currently practicing for an official DDR tournament that's happening November 5th in Louisville that RedOctane is sponsering (so this time it WILL happen). For anyone who wants to play in a DDR tournament, I'm going to go through some basics throughout the next few days about how to compete in a Dance Dance Revolution tournament. If you don't know about DDR, click the link I have available and read up on it. I'm going to post four requirements and four tips (at least) before the tournament begins about what you, as a player, should consider before challenging people in a tourney. Of course, I haven't yet, but I have a pretty good idea what you should be able to do.


Requirement #1: Get a grade AA on at least one seven footer.

I'm saying this with all due respect, if you want to stand a fighting chance, you want to do very well on every song you play and never miss a step. If you can't get AAs on heavy songs, you might have some trouble going up against seasoned players who could. If you can get at least a AA on one seven footer, that's a good start on your way to competing. Getting AAs on eight or nine footers are much tougher and, while doable, aren't really necessary unless you plan on competing in huge tournaments, then Requirement #1 changes to get a grade AA on at least one nine footer (sad, but true).

Tip #1: Practice songs with that requires a lot of stamina.

Practice is always key and should never be it's own tip, unless tacked along with something else. All ten footers, nine footers, and some eight footers can have a lot of air (double step arrows), chaos steps (arrows that aren't 4th or 8th step arrows), and/or streams (periods where you'll continuously have to step on arrows without a break). Playing these songs repeatedly will help build your stamina.

It took me quite a few months in order to build the stamina to tackle Max 300 (a ten footer) without losing (albiet I got a D, but I beat it). When you play tournaments, you're going to have to take on opponents that can last throughout these songs, and making it only halfway through the song isn't going to cut it. Alongside that, if you win, you're going to still need energy to keep competing. Never quit, unless you feel like you're having a heart attack. Then, that's a good stopping point.


Well, back to playing.

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