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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2

Posted by Dacquin at 8:32 PM
GamingBeing a DDR fan, I was ready to go and buy this game once it came out. I expected to play thirty songs a night so that I could unlock everything in a little over a week. When I popped this game in, I quickly realized this was not the DDR I’ve played. While beginners will have more fun playing this, for the intermediate or expert DDR gamer, it’ll seem a bit tedious.

The game is based around Dance Master mode. In DDR Extreme, the Dance Master mode had one hundred levels of difficult challenges of having to play through songs with different modifiers and passing songs with certain requirements. In DDR Extreme 2, in order for you to gain access to songs, you have to play through Dance Master to unlock them. This wouldn’t be so bad, but for experienced players, that means having to play through the beginner and light areas in order to get to the harder levels. Speaking as a hardcore DDR fan, I was incredibly bored. However, for a beginner, it’ll get them into the groove of DDR.

When you play any songs, whether in Dance Master or playing courses or free play, you’ll earn points for the shops: a new feature in DDR. At these shops, you can purchase anything that you’ve unlocked in Dance Master Mode: songs, costumes for you characters, hints on how to find secrets in Dance Master, etc. While it’s fun to shop, it’s a process of having to earn points that’s tedious, especially if you want the character’s costumes (100,000 points per costume, which is the same as paying for 15 songs and I’d rather have the songs).

There’s about seventy-three great songs in this mix, which should keep you busy a long time. Seasoned players will welcome Sakura, Paranoia Max, and the hardest DDR song in existence, Paranoia Max Survivor. For new players, there are many recognizable songs that should get you into the swing of things. They’ve included Nonstop mode and Endless mode, alongside a new Survival mode and Combo Challenge mode. Survival mode is playing nonstop until you get 4 Goods, while Combo Challenge will end the game if you even get below a Great.

From what I’ve heard about online play (I haven’t gotten to try it yet), you can pick who you play, but you can’t pick the song. I don’t know whose idea in programming that was, but that ruins the fun (especially if you aren’t good enough on the harder songs and you go up against someone who really excels in it).

Well, despite steep prices in the shop, I’ve really grown attached to this version. It’s probably the best DDR to date, in my opinion. 8.2/10

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