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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Amplitude review

Posted by Dacquin at 7:58 AM
Being a big fan of music video games, I decided, on a whim, to buy Amplitude, a sequel of Frequency by Harmonix. Popping in the game and being the 'I can play video games without instructions' kind of guy I am, I began the trek of playing probably one of my new favorite video games.

In Amplitude, the goal of the game is to beat all the music levels buy completing songs. Basically, you’ll control a ship that has three targets. In the game level, you’ll have six tracks for six different instruments: synth, drums, bass, etc. Once you complete a track, the track will destroyed temporarily and the music that’s being played on it will be played for a small amount of time while you switch to a different track to finish another track. If you score high enough in the four levels of the arena, you’ll be rewarded with a bonus song to play along with. You can choose among four different difficulties: Mellow, Normal, Brutal, and Insane (which is truly insane).

Now, how do you keep from losing a level? You’ll have tracks of songs that’ll have targets that you’ll have to hit using three buttons (L1, R1, & R2). The more tracks you complete without skipping, the bigger the multiplier you’ll gain, which results in earning more points. If you mess up or skip sections of tracks, your life meter will decrease and you'll lose your multiplier. The only way to regain your life back is by earning points and passing one of three checkpoints throughout the song.

There are a total of twenty-five songs in four difficulties, resulting in one hundred different song sequences you can play, but the fun doesn’t stop there. You can enter remix mode and create your own remixes of songs. Given the instruments used for each song, you can alter them and design your own groove. This created many hours of amusement sitting around creating new beats and rhythms. When you’re completed that task, you can play your creations and see if you’re good enough to handle your own music.

Multiplayer mode seems fun (remember, I have no one around here to multiplayer with). There are two versions of multiplayer: Game and Duel. In the regular Game mode, you and your opponents will play the tracks trying to rack up the most points and whoever scores the most points wins. In Duel mode, it resembles playing a game of Horse. One player will play a beat and the opponent must match it or else they’ll get a letter. The loser is the first person to spell Amplitude. Amplitude also features online gaming featuring both of these modes (but I don't have that capability to do that yet or else I'd test it out).

I’m been playing this game for weeks and it’s still fun and nerve racking (because I’m playing Insane, BECAUSE I AM!!!). It’s very simple, fun, interesting, and has great music attached to this package. The only problem is finding it (I had to look in many Gamestops and EB Games for this). It earns a 9.1/10.


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