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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

3000 free trials for City of Heroes

Posted by Dacquin at 7:13 PM
GamingDr. Setebos surprisingly hasn't posted this yet. He must be playing City of Heroes as we speak. Anyway, there's a giveaway of 3000 free accounts for City of Heroes. You'll get a free 14 day trial to test drive it. I personally don't play or care for MMORPGs, so naturally I'm a shoe-in to win.

Here's what I mean. If you want to win a contest, you play ones you have no desire to win. I once was in a drawing w/ 9 girls to win a bag of Avon cosmetics because I sold over $100 of product for my club. To their dismay, I won the bag of cosmetics, something I didn't need.

Food for thought.

Edit: I gave the cosmetics to my mother for Mother's Day. I did not use them for personal use. You weirdos.


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