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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

'You Damn Kid!' Picked up by Fox TV for Series

Posted by Nathaniel at 12:54 PM
ComicsOwen Dunne's You Damn Kid! has been picked up by Fox for its own animated television series. Dunne's comic is part of the KeenSpot conglamorate. While this is huge news for the online comic industry, I'm personally remaining skeptical of our chance to thrive in the spotlight. Eric talks about this in the most appealing light, but also manages to be realistic:
We know Fox is very interested in animation right now. We know that Fox felt burned by Cartoon Network/Adult Swim successfully marketing Family Guy when they let it languish, and we know that they've started a lot heavier interest in animation. We also know that Adult Swim gets demographic numbers that makes the people at The Late Show With David Letterman weep.

At the same time, 20th Century Fox Television doesn't equal Fox. They could just as easily develop You Damn Kid and try to sell it directly to Adult Swim. Or, for that matter, to G4 (which has been pushing for late night Adultswimish humor to try and get some of that sweet demographic). Or to whoever might want to buy.

Or, the development might stall out. Or a pilot might get made and might not sell. Or a lot of things. A lot more shows get optioned than made.

Now, if You Damn Kid gets made and put on the air in network, that's monumental. That's life changing. If it's a hit, then suddenly a whole lot of webcomics could get serious interest in them -- our corner of the media suddenly becomes a place for inexpensive mining for potential hit shows. But even if You Damn Kid never gets made, this is huge news for Keenspot.
The game now is called wait and see.

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