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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Revolution Revealed

Posted by Nathaniel at 1:37 PM
GamingI know this is general knowledge by now, but Nintendo has unveiled the new mysterious controller.

The idea behind the controller is simple: keep it simple. Motion sensitivity, force feedback, a couple of buttons. Simple. I'll wait to truly reserve judgement on this concept until I get a chance to see it, but I can already tell that Nintendo's plan to get everyone gaming--not just the 18-32 year old males who are playing Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Half-Life--is working. I told several female non-gamers about the new Revolution system, and each of them said that finally someone was making something they could play. Nintendo may not be able to snag all those guys my age salivating for the Xbox 360, but they might just get everyone else.

9/18/2005 1:10 PM: Blogger Dacquin said...

Yeah, well, Nintendo is for family gamers, and hopefully, everyone else.

Xbox will be for gamers

PS3 will be exclusively for the rich & famous.

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