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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Manifesto Games to Distribute Indy Games

Posted by Nathaniel at 3:31 PM
GamingGreg Costikiyan has long been vocal about his opposition to current game development/publishing "standards" which are more about churning out popular franchises and repackaging old material with updated graphics and whoring it out as "new content". Excellent quote from his Escapist article:
The truth is that unless your last name is "Wright" or "Miyamoto," the odds of getting anything innovative published today are nonexistent. In fact, the only thing you can get funded is something that's based on a license or part of a franchise
Greg has constantly supported efforts to introduce more innovation into the industry to counter the stiffling lack of original thought. One of the major setbacks in this effort has mainly been in distribution. So his solution: Manifesto Games. From his blog:
The new company will be called Manifesto Games (there's a placeholder website here); its motto is "PC Gamers of the World Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Retail Chains!" And its purpose, of course, will be to build what I've been talking about: a viable path to market for independent developers, and a more effective way of marketing and distributing niche PC game styles to gamers.
It should be noted that I wholly support this endeavor and hope dearly that it comes to fruition. You should too.


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