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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Machinae Supremacy

Posted by Dacquin at 8:56 PM
MusicIf anyone has played In The Groove, you'd have heard of Machinae Supremacy. Right now, I'm doing research on the DDR and ITG music to find which bands have music out there and who doesn't. One of my findings include Machinae Supremacy.

Machinae is an alternative rock band whose main inspiration in music comes from video games. They've done two CDs: Duex Ex Machinae and the Jets'n'Guns Soundtrack. I've had trouble trying to find out how to buy these CDs (one is downloadable so I don't really need to buy it), but if you go to their downloads page, they have many mp3s for downloading. It's really neat stuff. I suggest Attack Music, Earthbound, Cryosleep (from ITG2 in the arcades), Winterstorm, and Bouff.


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