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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Inktank Site (and purpose) Redesign

Posted by Nathaniel at 12:52 PM
ComicsI realized immediately after mentioning BifSniff's site redesign, that we would now be locked forever into a vicious cycle of having to mention every single site change on every single webcomic in existence for all eternity forever and ever amen. Though this may not be the case, it does help to point out one huge oversight of mine. A month and a half ago, Barry Smith completely redesigned, creating not just a new look, but an entirely different purpose. It's now a blog, and while that may seem uninteresting in this current world we live in where Google feels the need to create a search engine designed entirely FOR BLOGS, you have to remember: this is Barry T. Smith we're talking about. Ever since he had a baby, his priorities have changed, and his outlook on life and cartooning in general are different, and very interesting to read. So, go. What are you still doing hanging around here?


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