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Monday, September 26, 2005

City of Heroes CCG/MMORPG Cross Promotion

Posted by Nathaniel at 7:43 PM
TechnologyA while back I mentioned the City of Heroes CCG. They held a contest where a player with a level 20 character could submit a 200-word origin story, the winner of which to become enblazoned upon one of the CoH CCG cards. I entered (as of this writing, the winner had not yet been selected -- but I digress).

In any case, Alderac has announced a unique cross-promotion within the CoH universe, both on and offline:
City of Heroes CCG is going to be the first hobby game to cross the digital and real world boundaries by offering cross media prizes Players will get computer in-game rewards for CCG event prizes and CCG promotional cards and products for completing computer game missions!

Winning and participating in CCG events can win you exclusive computer game goodies like:
  • Special Temporary or Permanent Powers
  • New costume effects
  • Exclusive mission threads
This works the other way around as well! Starting soon, players finishing certain mission threads will get exclusive promotional cards and other goodies mailed right to their door!
I like.


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