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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Adventure Gaming Review - Gobliins 2

Posted by Dacquin at 6:23 AM
GamingGobliins 2 was extremely fun for me. Back in the old day when Sierra published plenty of adventure games, they released this sequel to Gobliiins in 1992. The plot of the story is that King Angoulafre’s son has been kidnapped and two goblins are willing to go out and rescue him. Yeah, it’s not a real integrate plot, but you’ll have lots of fun along the way, trust me.

The two goblins that you’ll control are Fingus and Winkle. Fingus is your conservative goblin. He’s smart, knows how to use mechanisms and is a polite conversationalist. Winkle is your mischevious goblin. He’s always causing trouble, talks without using common sense, and will do many things without thinking twice.

The puzzles that you face in this game are very ingenious, but sometimes tedious. Each goblin has their particular way of acting toward certain objects that you’ll have to experiment to solve puzzles, which is incredibly fun. In one point, you’ll have to trail and error tossing bombs to get a magic carpet. During this, you’ll accidentally blow yourself up many times, which is humorous to watch how the Goblins react.

A helpful part of the game is that you’ll receive three jokers at the beginning of the level. If you’re stuck, then you can use one to help you solve the next puzzle. That being said, conserve them. These puzzles are not easy by a long shot. Think hard about what you can do so you can conserve your jokers for a tough spot (although I'm sure you can find many walkthroughs out there on the web, so who really needs a joker?).

The game still looks lovely, even for it's old DOS days. There are many unique environments that you visit and there's quite a few things that you can interact with. The music and voice is still a nice quality (that being a loose term, this is an old game after all) and it's quite funny hearing the Goblins laugh.

I'm currently replaying this from my old disks in the garage and personally still find this as fun as the first time I've played this. I give this a 9.1/10. It's still that awesome.

General Adventure questions:
1. Will you die?: Of laughter maybe, but not in the game.
2. Is there violence?: Cartoonish, but nothing bad.
3. Is it hard?: Yes. Some puzzles are harder than others. Just use your imagination and remember that one goblin is more willing to do something than the other one is.
4. Are there timing issues with puzzles?: Oh, yes. Act fast.
5. Will you need a pen and paper?: Nope, unless you want to count the amount of injuries you inflict upon your goblins.
6. Is this game for everyone?: Oh yes. Everyone should play this game.

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