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Monday, August 22, 2005

New Version of Google Desktop

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:51 AM
SoftwareThe browser/search/all-inclusive software wars are really heating up as Google expands its utilities even further than anyone ever thought possible. The most recent updated version of their Google Desktop search software includes such ingenius features as an RSS reader, scratch pad, weather info, photo slides, stocks, and--of course--a Google search utility. With all of this wrapped up into one package, will we even need browsers anymore? Is this functionality the first true signs of Google entering the foray into possibly bringing forth their own Linux-esque desktop? Just download the software and use it for a day, and you, too, will believe that Google is presenting us with tantalizing visions of the future of software.

[UPDATE: it should be noted that this version 2.0 software is still beta.]

[UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: it should ALSO be noted that this version 2.0 software has worthless RSS capabilities, a news reader set to only reference Google News, and nothing else, a photo slideshow that takes up 75% of your CPU when switching photos, and some fairly unspectacular additional plug-ins. To be fair, it should also be noted that these features can be disabled. However, I'd give this software package a pass unless you *really, REALLY* need to be able to search your harddrive that badly. Otherwise, all these features can be found as better-developed Firefox extensions.]


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