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Sunday, August 07, 2005

NetSpeak: processors vs. graphic cards

Posted by Nathaniel at 8:53 PM
TechnologyI have a question to pose to our audience, and I thought this would be a good time to introduce a new topic to our meager offerings here: NetSpeak. This is a forum for everyone to contribute as we here at the Evil Network pose a discussion question, and see if we can generate some comments on the subject.

Our topic today: processors vs. graphic cards. There's a very specific reason I chose this topic for NetSpeak. You see, I find myself having to replace the hard drive on my personal computer. I've been forced to use my work laptop (a tasty IBM T42 Thinkpad) for home use ever since the hard drive crashed several weeks ago, and my wife is eager to either get the old computer up and running again, or completely replace it. Complete replacement is out of the question right now due to finances, but a new hard drive is a cinch to negotiate. Of course, surfing New Egg leads me to believe that this is the perfect opportunity to make some associated hardware adjustments as well.

Our home PC is a cranky old HP Pavilion with an 850MHz PIII and a horrendously outdated Nvidia Vanta 16MB video card. I have found a cheap ATI 64MB video card replacement, and I've been dying to upgrade the visuals, however, is it worth it to upgrade the graphics card if I'm still working under the constraints of a clunky 850MHz processor? Will I see enough improvement in that graphics card upgrade to justify a cheap tab, or should I forgoe the purchase altogether and just scrimp for a total package renovation?

Could use your expertise here, people, as I am definitely NOT a PC guru of any kind. Comment freely, off topic is not too terribly shunned around here. And I thank you kindly for your assistance.


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