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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jack Thompson's Goal: Shut Down the ESRB

Posted by Nathaniel at 9:54 PM
GamingIt appears as though Jack Thompson's next rampage (see most recent rampage here) is to actually rid ourselves of the dreaded beast that is the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. His latest threats against the ESRB are more vile than usual. And this time, he's being uncharacteristically blunt.
"Finally, now that millions of units of GTA: Vice City containing that game’s sex mod are in the hands of kids, the ESRB will receive a body blow that it cannot, and probably should not, survive. Cover this up, Ms. Vance, and I’ll personally make sure that the ESRB does not survive."
No, you aren't reading that wrong, he really is talking about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City this go around. I haven't played any GTA game, but evidently Vice City has content that is far worse--in Jack's opinion--than the already controversial "hot coffee" mod of San Andreas. I'll let those in the know come to their own conclusions on that. What truly amazes me here is how Jack seems to be so determined to not so much severely discredit the ESRB as to completely dismantle it. Because we all know what a horrendously dishonest organization it is, right? I mean, sure, maybe it could use a few adjustments to its ratings procedures. Maybe some clarification regarding specific rating category qualifications. But to be completely shut down? Slow down there, Jack. Before you proceed with an attempt to shut down an organization, maybe you should first think about who and/or what should be replacing it? Maybe consider some reorganization steps or some system for improvement? An advisory board even? But a shut down? That's akin to saying: "Hey, the Department of Defense has made some mistakes in the past. Let's completely tear the department to pieces, leaving nothing behind but the charred remains of what was left of our national security." OK, maybe not really like that, but something close, I'm sure.

In any case, Jack isn't here to make friends, I think we can all agree to that.


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